When you think Florida, does Mickey Mouse come to mind? If so, it is time to redefine the sunshine state in your head: romantic vacations in Florida are hardly few and far between. There are many ways to plan romantic destinations in Florida as well — ones that don’t include theme parks, parades, or hoards of screaming children. If you could use an adults only trip for two, the warm weather and golden shores of Florida offer many opportunities for fun, grown-up style. The finishing touch to this trip will be a vacation rental, where you will revel in a privacy that hotels just can’t provide.

romantic vacations in florida


If you’ve been missing a little glamour in your life lately, plan Florida romantic vacations in Miami. This south Florida destination has it all including nightlife, fantastic restaurants, and beaches full with the warm sun and cool waters. If you’re freezing during a northern winter, it is still sunny and warm on the shores of South Beach. Rent a condo to feel like a local instead of staying in a hotel like a tourist.

Trips to Miami aren’t all about nightlife. Here you can enjoy the sun and surf by chartering a boat, going fishing, or earning a scuba certification. On the odd chance there’s a rainy day, you will find enough shopping to keep you busy for a week. The Art Deco architecture here will transport you to a different time and place, while the candlelit restaurants will set the mood. Nearby excursions include Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and charming Coral Gables. Rent a car to explore Miami independently.

The Florida Keys

If your idea of romantic vacations in Florida is a little more relaxing, keep going further south to the Florida Keys. Here you will find oceanfront rentals that offer seclusion from all annoyances. Spend your days boating, sailing, or soaking up the sun. Fishing is popular here as well, and don’t forget about the spectacular drive that connects the islands including the famous Seven Mile Bridge.

Key West

Some travelers might not want to be completely isolated; for a good compromise choose Key West. It offers all the laid-back atmosphere of the Florida Keys with a touch of nightlife as well. Here you can dance the night away, enjoy a frozen cocktail at sunset, or spend a quiet night in at your cozy vacation rental. If you like to have the choice, Key West is for you. Don't miss out on local restaurants that serve incredibly fresh seafood as well.

romantic florida vacations

The Gulf Coast

If you’re planning romantic vacations in Florida along the Gulf Coast, you are definitely going to have a hard time choosing a location. There are so many enticing options along the southwest coast of Florida; Naples, Sanibel Island, Longboat Key, Marco Island, and more all offer their own attractive qualities.

Some factors might help you narrow down your choices. If you decide in advance whether you want to play golf or enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a spa, this might help you pick a destination. In general, the Gulf Coast is known for its fresh seafood, great shopping, and relaxed nightlife. Some areas are more family oriented than others, so that is one thing to beware of when you’re investigating different destinations.

The List Goes On and On!

A romantic trip to Florida could take place in St Augustine, Daytona Beach, or Panama City. This large state is attractive all year long, with so many options, you might find yourself returning more than once during a long, cold winter for a romantic getaway! But no matter where you head to for romantic vacations in Florida, don't forget to book a vacation rental, where you'll find privacy away from the rest of the tourists.