romantic vacations in hawaii

The Big Island

Many romantic vacations in Hawaii take place on the Big Island. As the name suggests, this is the largest of the islands that make up Hawaii, and activities here are practically endless. During Hawaii romantic vacations you might be tempted to linger on the golden beaches and sip another frozen cocktail, but here leaving the beach behind is also romantic. Get ready to see some of the most incredible landscapes on planet Earth!

Take a helicopter tour over the volcano for an experience that will be indelible in your mind forever. During your exploration you will see plunging waterfalls, lush rainforest, and dry desert. This island is known for its variety of eco systems, and during one short trip you can see it all. Don’t forget to look up at night; the stars are extraordinarily visible in Hawaii and this is sure to send your romance straight through the atmosphere.


Just the word Maui has become synonymous with luxury. The site of many honeymoons and other romantic vacations in Hawaii, Maui is known for its stunning beauty including secluded beaches and coves. Vacation rentals here can be extra plush and amenities may include hot tubs, private balconies, pools, and more. Don’t miss out on the drive to Hana, an itinerary along the coast of Maui that reveals waterfalls, incredible cliffs, and black sand beaches. Bring your bathing suit along for this excursion — you never know where or when you'll have the chance to go for a dip!If you love the ocean, there will be no shortage of water activities in Maui. Here you can finally take your first surf lesson, gain your scuba diving certification, or get a quick dose of adrenaline on a jet ski. While all of these water sports can be romantic, the evenings are where Maui really seduces couples. Candlelit restaurants, seafood caught on the same day, luaus, exotic flowers, and local music will all leave you entranced.


hawaii romantic vacations


Some of the best known Hawaiian destinations — including Honolulu and Waikiki — are located on Oahu. Romantic vacations in Hawaii on this island can include a variety of activities. The marine life here is famous around the globe, so be sure to climb aboard a submarine tour to see the coral reefs, tropical fish, and more. While day tours are popular, there are also night tours available where you see a variety of fish lit by underwater lights.

Surfing, boating, and parasailing are all great options for adventurous couples as well. If you’re looking for a little retail therapy during your Hawaiian adventure, Oahu is the island to indulge in some shopping. For a classic beach getaway, renting a condo or oceanfront villa in Oahu will be sure to set the mood.

The Rest of Hawaii

Anyone who has been to Hawaii once will tell you that there’s always more to explore. Plan a trip back when the humpback whales are migrating or visit the less visited islands of Molokai or Lanai. From golden shore to golden shore, each island of Hawaii offers its own spin on romance.