How long has it been since you last traveled with your sweetheart? If you can’t remember, the answer is "Too long!" Depending on your mood, there are several romantic vacations in New York that will sweep your partner of their feet. Whether you want the electric pace and culture of New York City or the quiet and relaxation of the Hudson Valley, New York will leave you in a new state of mind. Choosing vacation rentals over hotels will give you all the space you need to reconnect. Bathtub for two, anyone?

romantic vacations in new york

New York City

What could be more romantic than the bright lights and big city of Manhattan? Whisk your lover to the top of the Empire State Building at 1 a.m. to see the city twinkle below, attend a musical on Broadway, or indulge in the food culture that New York has become so famous for worldwide. There are New York romantic vacations to be planned for every type of couple, whether you want to spend your trip shopping, checking out historic landmarks, or strolling through Central Park.

Romantic vacations in New York will be elevated to a new level when you choose vacation rentals over hotels. During your trip you will live like real New Yorkers, and your condo will have all the privacy you could desire. There will be no maid service waking you up and no time you must be downstairs for breakfast. During a trip to New York, you will call the shots.

Hudson Valley and the Catskills

Some travelers are more focused on relaxation than nightlife, but this doesn’t mean that New York should be out of your travel plans. The Hudson Valley and the Catskills offer a backdrop that will leave you praising Mother Nature. Plan a trip in the fall to appreciate the beautiful autumn foliage or reserve a cozy ski cabin in the winter to ski during the day and snuggle by the fireplace at night.

This area of New York is also known as paradise for adventurous travelers. Bring your hiking boots and plan a gourmet picnic for two. Mountain biking, kayaking, and fishing are all popular activities as well. If you’re interested in the slow food movement and supporting local farms, the Hudson Valley is your type of place. Restaurants here are known for their incredibly fresh cuisine and innovative ways of using local produce. Make reservations for that special candlelit dinner for two.

new york romantic vacations

Saratoga Springs

Further upstate away from New York City, there are even more places to enjoy a little isolation. Instead of honking cars and sirens throughout the night, you will hear the pleasant chirping of birds. This doesn’t mean that romantic vacations in New York have to be boring. To the contrary, Saratoga Springs is home to horse racing that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Place a bet or two to make the races even more interesting.

Adirondack Mountains

In the Adirondack Mountains, you can rent the mountain cabin of your dreams. Plan a trip in the spring to see colorful wildflowers during hiking excursions or get away for the holidays together and savor the winter wonderland landscape all around you. From secluded mountain cabins to options that offer close proximity to skiing, you will be able to find the perfect vacation rental for you.

Wait, There’s More!

The options for romantic trips in New York just keep on coming. How about a trip to Niagara Falls? Watching the incredible display of plunging water is an experience you two won’t soon forget. Or how about a relaxing lakeside rental on Lake Ontario? No matter where you choose, you will be pleasantly surprised at New York's great diversity.