These fall food festivals are original, mouth-watering, and definitely worthy of a vacation. Whether you’re a food connoisseur or just an average food-loving Joe, somebody somewhere is paying homage to your favorite dish! Here are seven fall food festivals to savor…

New Braunfels Wurstfest Sausage


Where: New Braunfels, Texas
When: October 29 – November 7

Come to Wurstfest on an empty stomach and pig out on the finest sausage in the country! Celebrate Germany, devour scrumptious bratwurst, and get your polka groove on in the adorable Texas town of New Braunfels, located between Austin and San Antonio. The renowned and flavorful festival is one of the largest of its kind, with 100,000 annual visitors; it’s been a hit since the 1960s. Take a breather from the non-stop events of the festival with some quality antique shopping, a scenic walk along the Comal River, or a little lounging around in your New Braunfels vacation house rental.

Wellfleet Oysterfest

Where: Wellfleet, Massachusetts
When: October 16 - 17

Dine on delectable clams and oysters to the sights and sounds of Cape Cod’s best artisans and musicians. If you’ve got a taste for shellfish, the Wellfleet Oyster Festival may just over-stimulate your senses. In between meals, find out who can shuck the most oysters in the Annual Oyster Shuck-off, and see Wellfleet’s biggest oyster in person when local fisherman compare the year’s findings.

Mystic Seaport Chowderfest

Where:  Mystic, Connecticut
When: October 9 - 11

Even if you're not a fan of clam chowder, you'll get your fill of delicious seafood, wine, and apple cider at Mystic's Chowderfest. With a setting near the Children's Museum and ocean, there's plenty to see and do in between eating.

Bamfield Mushroom Festival

Bamfield Mushroom Festival

Where: Vancouver Island, Canada
When: October

If you’ve always wondered what the difference between a shitake and portabella mushroom is, take a trip to beautiful Vancouver Island, where you can swap mushroom recipes and gain a whole new vocabulary at the Bamfield Mushroom Festival. Don’t forget to swap a few mushroom jokes, too! Quiz experts on mushrooms and get answers… and probably a whole lot more than you bargained for, too! Hunt down a few wild specimens yourself and enter your heftiest handpicked mushroom into the Mushroom Derby; if your mushroom’s the weightiest contender, you’ll win the grand prize! A professionally-prepared feast pleases everybody’s taste buds, while the Toadstool Stomp gets everybody on the dance floor. Stay overnight in a comfy Vancouver Island vacation rental.

Louisiana Gumbo Festival

Where:  Thibodaux, Louisiana
When: October 15 - 17

If you're headed to New Orleans this fall, squeeze the nearby Louisiana Bumbo Festival onto your list of things to do. Festival goers can look forward to great gump, of course, but also plenty of live music.

Boston Vegetarian Festival

Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

Where: Boston, Massachusetts
When: October 30 - 31

One hundred exhibitors gather in Boston each year to educate and entertain foodies interested in fresh and natural produce. Vegetarians, health nuts, inquisitive meat eaters, and anybody else who eats food are all welcome to sample fabulous free cuisine. Get up-to-date on the latest culinary trends, watch cooking demonstrations, check off your grocery list, and learn how and where you can “veg out” on the tastiest vegetarian foods!

Giant Omelette Celebration

Where: Abbeville, Louisiana
When: November 6 - 7

Napoleon Bonaparte once ordered townspeople in southern France to make an omelette big enough to feed his troops – that’s how the legend goes at least. So for hundreds of years, the omelette has symbolized cooperation and friendship to the French people. Abbeville pays tribute to its French heritage with an annual record-breaking omelette feast. The primary ingredients of the Giant Omelette Celebration are eggs (five thousand of them, to be exact) and entertaining events like the Napoleon Bonaparte lookalike contest. Take a bite out of the Giant Cajun Omelette and a Louisiana tradition this November!

The New York City Chocolate Show is also a good investment of your time if you love to eat sweets. But no matter what, you're sure to enjoy Vacation's top fine dining restaurants in the US and top foodie destinations!