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Emerald City Comic Con
March 27- 29, 2015
Seattle, WA

This guide is for the 2014 event, but until the program is announced for 2015, this will give you a good idea of what to expect!

Emerald City Comic Con will fill Seattle with more colorful and outlandish outfits than the city usually sees in ten months during the weekend of March 27th through the 29th. Slated to run from Friday at 10 a.m. through Sunday at 5 p.m., the show will take place at the conveniently located Washington State Convention Center.

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What to Expect

From the creators of Finn and Jake from "Adventuretime" to Macgyver and Lieutenant Uhura, Emerald City Comic Con packs a major sci-fi punch. As the biggest Comic Con in the Northwest, this party is sure to appeal to far more than "Twin Peaks" and "Twilight" fans - although both will find panels and events that warm their nerdy core here.

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Top Panels

A list of specific panels is not yet available, you can check out the long list of exhibitors for 2014. Your experience might include the following experiences, however...

Run into Wesley from "The Princess Bride," have a feminist chat with Eliza Dushku or get to to know the voice of Bart Simpson, known to her friends as Nancy Cartwright. Cosplay nerds - try to stop yourself from drooling on Soni Aralynn, the unofficial cosplay queen, who will be at all three days of the conference. Emerald City Comic Con is also one of the best Comic Cons in the country to meet and talk to different comic book artists, with Ed Brison ("Comeback"), Frank Cho ("Liberty Meadows," "Zombie King") and Klaus Janson ("The Dark Knight Returns"), all showcasing their talents over the March weekend.

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Where to Buy Tickets

Tickets can be purchased online as well as through a number of Seattle-area retailers. Individuals who buy tickets online will have the physical tickets mailed to them one month before Comic Con. If you buy your tickets through a local retailer while you are in town, please note that all tickets will need to be brought back the the shop you purchased them in after March 1 to be exchanged for an admissions badge to the show. A full list of carrying retailers can be found on the Emerald City Comic Con official website.

Ticket options include:

  • Friday or Sunday one-day passes for $30
  • Saturday passes for $40
  • Three-day weekend passes cost $75
  • Children ages 3 to 10 can obtain one-day passes for $10.

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Costume and Weapon Rules

Strap on your combat boots, put on your finest helmet and paint your face with the best spock eyebrows - Emerald City Comic Con is all about realistic costumes and weapons. However, state and Seattle city regulations still apply, so here are a few rules to keep in mind:


  • All weapons must be non-working.
  • Weapons that include water pistols, silly string, ping pongs and the like are not allowed.
  • All weapons must be peace bonded. If you are unable to peace bond your weapon prior to arriving at Comic Con, you will have access to the peace bonding stations at the school.
  • Bladed weapons of all varieties need to be kept in their sheaths at all times.
  • Weapons cannot be used in common areas in ways that would be deemed inappropriate or possibly injure someone.


  • Although Seattle is a rather liberal city, there are strict laws against public nudity, which also apply to Emerald City Comic Con.
  • No Comic Con guest, exhibitor or sponsor may harass a fellow Comic Con goer. Strict regulations against all types of harassment are enforced throughout the conference.
  • Videos of other Comic Con guests are not permitted, unless you have gained permission prior to the start of Comic Con. Cameras are allowed during the Costume Party, yet you must ask permission of all guests prior to taking a picture of them.

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getting around

Getting Around

The Washington State Convention Center is located in the heart of downtown Seattle, just off of Interstate 5. With ample sidewalks and an active bike culture, you can bipedal your way there easily.
  • Driving: If you're flying in to the Pac NW via jet plane, you can take Interstate 5 north toward the city, then hop on exit 165 to get onto 6th Avenue. If you are coming from the east, you can take Interstate 90 for most of the trip, which merges onto I-5 close to downtown.
  • Walking or biking: Seattle is an extremely walkable city, despite its number of hills. Because the sidewalks will more than likely be damp from a recent misty rainfall, it's best to wear shoes that are comfortable to walk around in and have a decent amount of grip.
  • Public Transit: Travelers who are coming from the airport can take the LINK Light Rail from the airport to the Westlake Station, which drops you off two blocks west of the convention center. Since the convention center is located next to one of the biggest retail areas in the city, more than 20 different bus routes all have stops within 3 blocks of the center. Whether you're coming from the U District or Chinatown, or even if you're camping out next to the Fremont Troll, you can likely get here with few to any bus transfers.

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Things to Do Besides Chicago Comic Con

While the weather in Seattle will likely be cloudy, you'll find that the city is a great destination during the spring, when the first of the year's cherry blossoms have started to awaken Seattle from its winter slumber. While you could stick to the general tourist stops, a few often overlooked standouts include:

  • The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame: Althoughgh Seattle touts itself as a music city, the Experience Music Project sits directly next to the Sci Fi Museum, which houses memorabilia, actual sets and a number of real costumes worn by everyone from Frankenstein to Spock. Fantasy, horror and science nerds will all find exhibits that are sure to get their goat.
  • Head up the hill - literally - to the Capitol Hill neighborhood, where you'll find the always free Frye Art Museum. Known for its innovative, unique and sometimes downright weird exhibits, the Frye regularly shows the work of artists like Henry Darger, Robert Crumb and Patricia Piccinini. The gallery is open every day except Monday.
  • On the north end of town in the University District is Wayward Coffeehouse, where local geeks regularly unite to enjoy steampunk meetups, sci-fi movie nights and more. Serving up fair trade coffee alongside vegan and vegetarian sandwiches and soups, this is the perfect late​-night place to head to after a long day at Comic Con.

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Where to Stay

There are more than 100 vacation rentals to choose from in Seattle, but if you'd rather stay in downtown, you'll want to focus on the options in Belltown, which is closest to the action at the convention center. Book a rental in Belltown for especially great access to Comic Con!

A one bedroom accommodations with Puget Sound views has room for three Comic Con goers, and is minutes from a bevy of top attractions - head to the pier to check out Seattle's quaint aquarium or get spooked at the Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe, or get a bird's eye view of the entire city from the top of the Space Needle, which sits just a few blocks away. Don't miss the fresh fish and hom bow at Pike Place Market!

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