Film Festival Vacations Ticket

If you like spending a night at the movies, you’ll love spending a vacation at the movies. From riveting documentaries to whimsical comedies, film festivals offer up the best of all cinematic worlds. See a movie with a five-star cast months to a year before it hits the big screen (and grab a few priceless autographs while you’re at it), or see a life-changing documentary that will never make it to the big screen.

Maybe you’re a film nut or maybe you’re just looking for something new and interesting to do. Whatever you're hoping to discover, we're sure you'll find it with one of these film festival vacations.

The AFI Los Angeles Film Festival

November 4 - 11, 2010

Make your California vacation a cultural one with the AFI Los Angeles Film Festival, which now overshadows the Palm Springs and Los Angeles festivals. This year, help pay tribute to acclaimed directors and actors, and treat yourself to a menu of 100 films, including premiers. Los Angeles condo rentals make it easy and cheap to enjoy this surprise-filled event.


January 2011

The star-studded Sundance Film Festival is the largest of its kind in the United States. In 1981, Robert Redford founded the Sundance Institute with the intent to foster independent movie makers. Recently it's been taken over by movers and shakers, though, due to its location at the beautiful Park City Mountain Resort and its long Hollywood guest list. Consider a Park City ski in out condo for your stay here.


Januray 2011

Slamdance is Sundance’s casual counterpart and saving grace for talented filmmakers snubbed by picky programmers. The creators behind Mad Hot Ballroom, Napoleon Dynamite, Memento, and Monster’s Ball found a voice at Slamdance, so it's anybody's guess who will emerge from this year’s festivities. Book a Park City rental for your stay.

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Berlin Film Festival

February 2011

The Berlin Film Festival, established in 1951, was Germany’s way of rekindling its artistic and cultural dignity after World War II. Along with Venice and Cannes, Berlin’s festival tops the list.



This recent 2002 addition has become a quick favorite, and with a founder like Robert de Niro and a location like Manhattan, is it really a wonder? Find a New York apartment rental if you want to fully enjoy all that Tribeca has to offer.



When a film wins the Cannes Golden Palm Award, it means a lot, a whole lot – after all, Cannes is the most well-respected and esteemed film festival in the world. Classics like Apocalypse Now and Taxi Driver began their journeys at this 64-year-old festival, held each year on the French Riviera.

South by Southwest

March 2011

Down-to-earth film buffs who want to shake hands with a few A-listers blend in well at Austin’s South by Southwest Film Festival. Once a music festival, SXSW is now a two-week celebration and conference for professionals and fans of the music, film, and tech industries. Celebrities fed up with the stuffy Sundance vibe love to kick back in Texas' capital, and so do their fans. The doors of many Austin house rentals open for festival-goers each year.

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Seattle International Film Festival

May and June 2010

This 25-day cinema love fest is for all the hardcore movie geeks out there. Because of the Seattle International Film Festival's record-breaking length, you can expect an eclectic assortment of movies and plenty of opportunity to screen the most buzz-worthy. Which film will win the coveted Golden Space Needle this year? Book a Seattle rental, and find out.

Venice Film Festival


Venice’s festival has seniority over all the rest, as it’s the world’s oldest. Even Federico Fellini held the Jury’s opinion at the Venice Film Festival in high regard.

Telluride Film Festival


For the same breathtaking scenery as Sundance, but none of the snobbery, turn to the Telluride Film Festival. Amélie, Sling Blade, Lost in Translation, Finding Neverland, Brokeback Mountain, and Walk the Line all premiered here, making Telluride one of the most influential festivals in the country. Telluride isn’t about winning, though – there are no prizes here – it’s about great movies and great moviegoers.

Toronto International Film Festival

September 2010

From global to local, “TIFF” gives the best and brightest up-and-comers a chance to show off their films and makes it easy for regular film-loving folks to participate in the fun. While many North American festivals focus on films made at home, the Toronto International Film Festival is known for bringing a new audience to overseas masterpieces. Book your Toronto rental today.