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San Diego Comic Con International
Jul 24- 27, 2014
San Deigo, CA

Comic Con International in San Diego has almost arrived, and fans young and old are readying their best cosplay attire to celebrate all that is pop culture. This annual gathering will be taking place at the San Diego Convention Center located along the shoreline of the San Diego Bay. The facility's address is 111 West Harbor Drive, and it is easily accessible by a variety of transportation methods. The convention is set to begin July 24 and run through the weekend until July 27.

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What to Expect

san diego comic con dragonYou can expect to find a full slate of events, a number of awesome guests, presentations, film festivals, gaming opportunities and so much more at this year's installment of the International Comic Con. All your favorite authors, illustrators and comic book artists will be in attendance, including Rick Burchett, Cliff Chiang, Steve Lieber, Francis Manapul, Yanick Paquette and many others. These titans of the superhero and graphic novel genre have been the creative force behind the modern installments of Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Teen Titans and many more. Guests will also find a wide array of awesome anime presentations, unique and inspiring artwork, informative panel discussions, photo op and autograph opportunities, incredible costume displays and challenging gaming matchups with other convention attendees. 

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Top Panels

The specific 2014 schedule will not be announced until July, but here's a little more on what you can expect this year.

Comic Con International features an anime program, Art Show, Children's Film Festival, an independent film festival, a costume ball - the Masquerade, and more! So far, the celebrity guests include Mark Brooks (Avengers), Francesco Francavilla (Archie), and so much more.

The action begins with Preview Night, happening on Wednesday the 23, where fans will get a sneak peek at some of the upcoming blockbusters and cult classics that are set to be released in the coming year. From there, the event kicks into high gear with the convention center opening its doors on Thursday for an extended weekend of all things fantasy and sci-fi. Be one of the many cosplayers who take on the form of some of the most beloved and feared characters from across the galaxy. Just be sure to stay on your best behavior so the event doesn't begin to resemble Mos Eisley spaceport - you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Aside from the attendees, visitors will be able to participate in a masquerade, a number of different contests, engaging and exciting gaming opportunities, the film festival and so much more.

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Where to Buy Tickets

Tickets for the event, or badges as they are known among seasoned Comic Con attendees, can be purchased in advance on the event website. It is important to note that you will only be able to purchase tickets after registering for a member ID, which are free and quite easy to obtain. For a member ID, you will need to enter your name and a valid email address. Only adults and juniors between the ages of 13 and 17 may obtain a member ID. Children under the age of 12 may enter the event free of charge when accompanied by a paying adult. All children must register onsite at the Attendee Registration Area, which will be located outside the main entrance.

After creating your member ID, Comic Con staff will send you an email detailing badge pricing the moment they go on sale. At this point in time badge prices have not yet been released.

Once at the convention, guests are encouraged to keep their badges easily visible at all times to avoid confusion with security personnel. They are required to enter many of the events and areas that will be featured at this year's Comic Con International, including the film festival viewing areas, all celebrity panel sessions, the gaming arena, autograph areas, anime viewing rooms and many others. Please do not give you badge to any other person outside the convention.

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Costume and Weapon Rules

Weapon Policy

In an effort to maintain safety at this installment of the International Comic Con in San Diego, security staff will be enforcing a few rules to govern the allowance of weaponry into the event. Any individual who fails to abide by the guidelines listed below many be asked to leave the event, or forfeit their badge without refund.

  • No actual firearms or functioning weapons will be allowed into the convention.
  • Prior to entry, all weapons must be thoroughly inspected by security personnel stationed at the Weapon Check Desk.
  • All weaponry must conform to state and federal laws.
  • Weapons that may fire projectiles must be rendered inoperable before entering the facility.
  • All weapons and simulated weapons that have a blade must be firmly fixed to an individual's costume.
  • A bladed weapon may not be drawn from its sheath at any point during the convention.
  • After a weapon has been inspected at the Weapon Check Desk, it will be tagged and you will be given a corresponding wristband.
  • Any persons found inside the event with an untagged weapon will be escorted to a security area for proper inspection.

Costume Policy

First and foremost, guests are encouraged to dress up in costumes. That being said, Comic Con is a family-friendly event so please use your best judgment. Attendees are asked to refrain from wearing any articles of clothing that may be considered lewd, scandalous, overly revealing or offensive. Please maintain proper behavior and demonstrate common courtesy and common sense at all times during the event. Harassment and offensive behavior will not be tolerated by event staff, and Comic Con International reserves the right to revoke all badges and member IDs of all individuals who fail to abide by these policies.

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getting around

Getting Around

The San Diego Convention Center is centrally located, and is quite easy to get to using public transportation or driving. Additionally, guests hoping to stay close to the action should look into the wide selection of Vacation Rentals accommodations scattered throughout the San Diego metropolitan area.

  • Driving Directions: The convention center is just a few miles down the coastline from the San Diego International Airport, and is easily accessible to fans who may be flying in from out of town. From the airport head west on Airport Terminal Road. Make a slight left followed by another slight left to continue on Airport Terminal Road. After 1 mile merge right toward North Harbor Drive. Turn left onto North Harbor Drive then continue on this road for 3 miles. The San Diego Convention Center will be on your right.
  • Public Transportation: Local fans hoping to attend the convention can use the city's Light Rail system to make their way to the event. Get on the Green Line heading toward 12th and Imperial. Get off at the Convention Center Station two stops away from the end of the line. If you've hit the Gaslamp Quarter station, you've gone too far. After exiting the station, the convention center will be across the street just south of your present location.

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Things to Do Besides San Diego Comic Con

  • gaslamp quarter

    If you’re hoping to experience some of the local attractions outside of the convention center, San Diego provides a wealth of great opportunities. Spend some time at one of the many restaurants, bars, nightclubs or art galleries found in the historic Gaslamp Quarter. This area is home to some of San Diego’s best adult entertainment options, and is sure to provide an excellent evening or day trip to anyone who finds themselves within its confines.
  • If a more kid-friendly activity is in order, consider a day trip to the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Patrons will get a chance to view a variety of species ranging from anacondas to zebras, and engage in a variety of fun and educational activities that highlight some of the zoo’s animal occupants.
  •  If you’re simply in the mood to chill out and relax, then be sure to visit some of San Diego’s extensive beaches, where guests can soak up some rays or catch a few waves while enjoying SoCal’s subtropical climate.
  • If you enjoy seafood, there is no reason to miss out on a meal at the Fish Market, near Comic Con and one of San Diego's very best seafood spots. And that's saying a lot, considering San Diego is right on the California coast.
  • If you've got little ones, head over to the wonderful time killer, The New Children's Museum (right by Comic Con).
  • Mix your Comic Con-centric vacation up a little bit with a visit to the nearby Maritime Museum of San Diego, part historic ship, part museum, and part event venue!

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Where to Stay

If you’re looking for the best deals in town that allow you to stay close to all the action, consider booking your stay at one of the many vacation rentals located throughout the San Diego area. Whether you’re shopping for a quiet condo for two or an expansive house for a large party of attendees, Vacation Rentals is sure to have you covered.

This Golden Hill house is perfect for moderate to large size parties, and is just minutes away from the San Diego Convention Center. It is a recently renovated and modernized cottage that has been broken up into two separate apartments, which are both included as part of the package. Enjoy easy access to some of the communities best restaurants and attractions at an affordable rate you won’t find anywhere else in town. Book your stay today at Vacation Rentals to take advantage of this and all the other great accommodation options.   

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