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St Louis Comic Con
May 5- 7, 2015
St Louis, MO

This guide is for the 2014 event, however until 2015 programming is announced, this will give you a good idea of what to expect!

St. Louis Comic Con will be taking place on April 4, 5 and 6, 2014, and will be held at the expansive America's Center located in downtown St. Louis next to the Edward Jones Dome at 701 Convention Plaza. The roster is packed with a number of different actors, performers, comic book legends, artists and so many more. Tickets are still available and all are invited to attend this glorious celebration of fantasy and science fiction goodness. 

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What to Expect

Travelers who will be attending this year's Comic Con in St. Louis, Mo., should expect an awesome weekend packed with celebrity guests, excellent events and a wide array of colorful cosplayers donning their best fantasy attire. Whether you're hoping to find space pilots, members of the fellowship or zombie-hunters, you can bet that Comic Con St. Louis has them all. Ready your best cosplay ensemble and get your tickets now for the biggest event in fantasy and science fiction.  

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Top Panels

sean astinPanels for 2014 have not been selected yet, but here's an idea of what you'll experience and who you'll see!

  • In addition to William Shatner... Billy Dee Williams, Ray Park and Peter Mayhew will be in attendance at this year's installment of Comic Con St. Louis, ready to sign autographs, pose for pictures and answer all those burning questions about life in a galaxy far, far away. Billy Dee Williams is best known for his portrayal of Lando Calrissian in "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi," but also played a starring role in the Rocky series as Apollo Creed and the 1989 action-adventure "Batman" as Harvey Dent. Ray Park first stepped into the limelight in "Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace," and dazzled audiences with his lightsaber skills and solemn mastery of the dark side of the force as the fearsome Darth Maul. Peter Mayhew has long been a fixture of the Star Wars cast, lending his talents to portray everyone's favorite Wookie and co-pilot of the Millenium Falcon, Chewbacca. Young Padawans, Jedi and Sith masters of all ages should be sure to stop by the booths of these upstanding gentlemen, to inquire about the power of the force, learn the ins and outs of lightsaber dueling and what its like to pilot the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.
  • Fans of the film adaptations of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" will be happy to find Samwise Gamgee and Azog the Defiler present at Comic Con St. Louis. The part of Samwise was played by actor Sean Astin, who has also appeared in the cult classic "The Goonies" as Mikey Walsh and the title character in the film "Rudy." Guests should be sure to stop by Mr. Astin's booth for an autograph or a photo, and ask about the old Gaffer or the best way to cook a potato.
  • New Zealand native Manu Bennett will also be in attendance, and is best known for his role as the nefarious white orc, Azog the Defiler, who makes his first appearance tracking the movements of Thorin Oakenshield and his band of dwarves in the first installment of the Hobbit series. Bennett is also known for his portrayal of the mighty gladiator Crixus in the Starz original series "Spartacus: Vengeance." Catch these two at their booths for a chance to inquire about working with Peter Jackson, and the rest of the cast and crew of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, and see what's new in Middle-earth.
  • If you're a fan of the popular AMC original television series, "The Walking Dead," you'll be happy to hear that quite a few members of the cast will be in attendance at this year's Comic Con St. Louis. Heather Laurie Holden (Andrea), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes), and Danai Gurira (Michonne) will all be making appearances at the event. Stop by their booths for a chance to hear about what's to come in future episodes of the thrilling series, or what other roles the actresses will be playing in the near future. Just watch out for zombies who may be roaming the convention center!

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Where to Buy Tickets

Individuals hoping to take in the events of this year’s Comic Con can purchase their tickets online through the Wizard World website. If you’re unsure of your travel plans, tickets will also be available at the door of the event for $10 more than the advanced sale price.

  • Three-day weekend passes are $75
  • Single-day Friday and Sunday tickets are $40
  • Single-day Saturday tickets are $45
  • VIP three-day weekend passes are $199
  • VIP Experience tickets range from $75 to $275 depending on celebrities
  • Photo Op packages available from $15 to $145 depending on celebrities

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Costume and Weapon Rules

Weapons Policy

To ensure that all attendees have a fun and safe experience at the St. Louis Comic Con, event officials have enacted some rules to govern the allowance of certain weapons. If an individual fails to adhere to the set weapon guidelines, he or she will be asked to leave the event without a refund on ticket price. The guidelines are as follows:

  • All weapons must be inspected by members of the security team stationed at the entrance of the event.
  • Weapons must be properly tagged by staff members prior to entry.
  • Actual firearms of any sort will not be allowed inside the convention center.
  • Simulated weapons for certain cosplay outfits will be allowed, but must be non-firing.
  • Bladed weapons must be fixed within their sheaths so they cannot be removed.
  • If you are found to have an untagged weapon inside the show, you will be escorted to the security area to have your weapon inspected and tagged.
  • If your weapon does not meet the criteria listed above, you will not be permitted entry to the convention.
  • If you are unsure about your weapon or it does not meet the specifications of security personnel, please leave it at home to ensure admission.

Costume Policy

Costumes are encouraged, however, St. Louis Comic Con is a family-friendly event and patrons are asked to refrain from dressing in lewd or scandalous attire. The costume contest will be held on Saturday, with a special kids installment set for Sunday.

  • Guests' costumes must abide by local and federal indecent exposure laws.
  • This event will be attended by persons from all age groups, and you should be sure to wear clothing that will not offend.
  • Harassment of any other Comic Con attendee will likely result in you being asked to leave.
  • All costumes and props must not fire, spray, shoot, or ignite, or you will be prohibited from entering

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getting around

Getting Around

America’s Center is located just a few blocks west of Interstate 70, and is also easily accessible using public transportation. The expansive facility is also only a short distance from a number of Vacation rentals spread out throughout the city.


For travelers coming from the Lambert–St. Louis International Airport, head northwest on Lambert International Boulevard toward the Main Terminal. Make a U-turn at the Main Terminal and merge onto I-70 east toward St. Louis.Continue down I-70 east for 14 miles then take exit 249C and merge onto North Broadway towards the Convention Center and Busch Stadium. Turn right onto Lucas Avenue and the destination will be on your right. Parking spaces can be found in lots surrounding the facility and attendees should defer to local authorities who will likely be directing traffic outside the event.

Public Transportation

America’s Center is easily accessible using the St. Louis Metrolink system. Guests should get off the train at the Convention Center Metrolink Station, then head west down Washington Street for one block. America’s Center will be on you right.

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Things to Do Besides St-louis Comic Con

st louisAfter an excellent day taking in all the convention has to offer, cosplayers, science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts should check out some of St. Louis's marvelous attractions, restaurants and nightclubs. See the sights, grab a bite to eat, or enjoy live music at one of the community's popular venues:

  • Hannegan's Restaurant and Pub is an excellent spot to indulge in some tasty American classics or some authentic St. Louis barbecue. Entree dishes are moderately priced, and the wood-paneled establishment designed as a replica of the U.S. Senate Dining Room in Washington, D.C., provides a warm and inviting atmosphere all will enjoy.
  • Visitors hoping to shake their stuff on the dance floor should make a stop at the chic night club, Horizon, located at 2144 Market Street. Here you'll find an expansive 3,000 square foot establishment dedicated to providing patrons with a night of pumping electronic music and breathtaking views of the city's skyline.
  • Busch Stadium is a 4,600-sq-foot stadium and home to the St Louis Cardinals. Catch a game in between Comic Con fun!
  • The City Museum is a super unique, one-of-a-kind attraction with exhibits that range from treehouses to an aquarium - definitely worthy of a Comic Con break, especially if you've got kiddos.

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Where to Stay

Hotels are small, cramped, expensive and sell out quick. Consider a spacious and affordable St Louis vacation rental instead! This way you can enjoy Comic Con like a local, but a local with access to plenty of luxurious amenities and comforts. Stay near America's Center with a downtown condo or hang out on the outskirts of town for a more well-rounded getaway.

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