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Forget beach, ski, and mountain vacations. Comic Con vacations are way, way more entertaining, and William Shatner comes included (well, almost). Browse detailed event guides for all the top Comic Con locations. From the one and only San Diego International Comic Con to lesser known but no less fun events like Wondercon in Anaheim, Vacation has you covered! Discover the top Comic Con panels, a map of nearby things to do, tips for getting around, and much, much more for each of the following cities:

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The Comic Con schedule for 2014 is a never-ending one - cities across America (and even the world) will be geeking out all year long. The cast of "the Walking Dead" and William Shatner will make many appearances, but who knows what celebrities and costumes you'll get to see! Read on for general tips on attending a Comic Con near you.

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Comic Con for Beginners

Comic Con is not just for Star Wars know-it-alls and comic bookworms, especially these days. San Diego's Comic Con in particular has transformed from a geek-centric event into more of a mainstream one over the years. Anyone with an interest in movies, video games, or just creative costumes will fit in just fine. And most Comic Con events are also kid-friendly (it would be a shame if they weren't, considering all the superheros in attendance).

Plan Ahead. Seriously.

Before attending a Comic Con event, make sure to read up on the lineup, costume and weapon rules, and tips for getting around ahead of time. It's no fun to miss out on great panels or get lost, so come to Comic Con with a plan in mind. You'll also want to carry a Comic Con schedule and map with you wherever you go.

If you plan to check out a panel or meet and greet featuring a popular celebrity, show up early.

Even Superman Needs Good Shoes. And Money.

Bring comfy clothes and extra cash with you. Even if you're attending Comic Con as the Incredible Hulk or Wonder Woman, comfortable shoes are a must. You'll do a lot of walking and standing in line. You'll also see a lot of great memorabilia and souvenirs, so make sure you've got some money to spend.

How to Approach a Cosplayer.

Comic Con would be pointless without its cosplayers - people who dress up like their favorite characters from comic books, film, and TV. You may run into a brooding vampire from Twilight or the wrath of Darth Vader. Many cosplayers take their character seriously and invest a lot of time and money into their costume. If you'd like to take a picture with your favorite cosplayer, ask politely! (And do not flirt.)

If you'd like to join in on the fun, find out if there will be a costume contest and get familiar with the rules for entering.

Enjoy a Quieter, Cheaper Time.

Hate crowds? Hate spending ridiculous amounts of money on things like T shirts and autographs? Attend Comic Con on an "off" day (a day with less celebrity appareances) or the last day. These days see less attendees and as a bonus, prices sometimes go down for things like memorabilia.

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Best Places to Stay During Comic Con

Hotels tend to sell out pretty quick for the big Comic Con events, and so their rates tend to be high. Consider a vacation rental instead. You can easily book a cabin or condo right by Comic Con headquarters (check out event guide maps) or stay in a vacation home a little outside the Comic Con chaos and enjoy a more well-rounded getaway.

Vacation rentals are roomy and affordable and feature amenities like private hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, and satellite TV. And since there's such a variety of them, you can find the accommodation that makes sense for you, your fellow travelers, and your wallet. If you're headed to Comic Con with a big group or a family, vacation rentals are a must. Why book multiple, expensive hotel rooms next to each other, when you can book a big cabin or beach house for half the price?