There are lots of wine vacations these days. After the movie Sideways was filmed in Santa Barbara, the wineries received a huge boost in attendance, and more and more people have become interested in learning more about wine making and tasting. And of course, when you’re sitting with your feet propped up on a nearby chair, lazily watching clouds roll across a brilliant blue sky, and relishing the bouquet and flavor of your favorite vintage, a wine getaway will seem like the best decision you ever made. Watch clouds drift past blue skies, kick up your heels, and savor the wine as well as the moment on your affordable wine getaway.

Sonoma and Napa

Wine vacations in California are plentiful. Mendocino County is a beautiful region full of salty sea air, tall redwood trees, ocean views, and delicious grapes. Sonoma County, Napa’s more affordable neighbor, features California wine vacations in Healdsburg, whose dedication to wine is so whole hearted, it hosts an event called Pigs and Pinot, a foodie weekend full of chef quality snacks and local wines from thee reputable grape producing regions.

Sacramento Area

Amador County is another great and affordable wine getaway. Located about forty five miles outside of Sacramento, this wine destination has continued to increase in popularity due to its budget friendly tasting bars and lower cost accommodations and restaurants. Amador County features over a dozen vineyards, incredibly friendly people, cute shops, and sweeping landscapes.

Central Coast

San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Paso Robles, and Santa Cruz counties grow terrific grapes born of the mild coastal climates and good soil. There are plenty of wineries which open to the public for tours and tastings, some of which also offer discounts on group tastings or even one free taste with a purchase. It is possible to find a cheap California wine vacations, even in the state's premier wine growing regions. Whichever wine destination in California you decide to visit, has local area lodgings so you can rest comfortably after your exhausting days of drinking wine, laughing with your traveling companions, and taking in lush landscapes.

California Wineries on a Budget

Now Napa Valley probably isn’t the best place to go if you’re a on a tight budget, but there are less expensive ways to visit if you want to see the region that is maybe the most famous wine area in the country. You can meander the quaint downtown streets for free or hike the surrounding hillsides. Some wineries offer discount tastings at certain times, and some offer food with the wine, so you can pay once and get twice the deliciousness. Purchase a local bottle of wine for less than twenty bucks at the Wine Garage and pack a picnic to eat amidst wildflower meadows close by. 

Other West Coast Wine Vacations

Additional west coast wine vacations include Willamette Valley, Oregon, and Walla Walla, Washington. But if you’re traveling to the East Coast for your wine getaway, you may want to visit Ingleside Vineyard in Oak Grove, Virginia, near the Chesapeake Bay. Or head out to Blue Hill, Maine in the fall for the Foliage Food and Wine Festival. Wherever you go, stay in a vacation rental for your California wine vacation.