Luxury Honeymoon DestinationsWhether it's your first time down the isle or your second honeymoon, finding the right place to celebrate your love is essential. VacationRentals.Com has romantic destinations across the world with private villas, oceanside cottages and dreamy uptown flats to suit any mood. Explore these 11 luxury honeymoon destinations to find the perfect spot for you:

1. Paris

Of all the world's cities, Paris is the most famous for its celebration of love. It's easy to feel romantic with the bright lights, fine wines and beautiful architecture in the City of Love -- and even easier when you're staying staying in a luxury suite outside the Arc de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower.

2. Venice

A city of breathtaking sunsets, gorgeous ocean views and the art of the Renaissance, Venice is often called the sister of Paris as the City of Love and offers unique villas as one of the most traditional luxury honeymoon destinations.

3. St. Lucia

Voted one of the top five places to see in your lifetime by Oprah Magazine, St. Lucia exudes romance even beyond the sandy beaches, rising mountains and exotic nature. The Caribbean Island's steamy Sulfur Springs and iconic Mt. Soufriere, the world's only "drive in" volcano, are the perfect hot spots to keep the flame going for a honeymoon to remember. At the end of the day, you can retreat to a private oceanfront villa with all the amenities of a luxury hotel with the privacy of your own home.

4. Crete

Luxury villas, private pools, lush gardens and amazing food make the Island of Crete in Greece one of the world's top luxury honeymoon destinations. Greece itself lacks little in the way of romance, and the Crete is the heart of Greek passion with sunsets to die for and unique architecture that newlyweds can enjoy with their own vacation rental.

Luxury Honeymoon Destination

5. London

The home of all things posh, London is the pinnacle of elegance and the heart of fairytale romance. Celebrate your marriage in a luxury riverside apartment, or a spacious uptown flat.

6. Rio de Janeiro

For an adventurous honeymoon, think of Rio de Janerio. Walk along the sunny beaches, dance all night, or even sneak away to the Parque Lage, a romantic garden hideaway rarely seen by tourists. At night return to your luxury oceanside villa.

7. Hawaii

One of the more classic luxury honeymoon destinations, Hawaii can hardly be underestimated as a top romantic hot spot. Exotic nature and beautiful mountains give newlyweds a scenery to fall in love with, while the unique beachside cottages give them a place to call home for their honeymoon.

8. Puerto Vallarta

Mexico - Puerto Vallarta in particular - is a great place to vacation for you honeymoon, with a lively atmosphere and rich tradition to make yours a trip to remember. Explore ancient Mayan culture or simply kayak together in the ocean.

9. Fiji

As far as luxury honeymoon destinations go, hardly anything could top your own private island. With vacation rentals in Fiji, it's possible. Explore marine life, coral beaches and even world-class golf courses in your luxurious honeymoon to one of the world's most romantic places.

10. Manhattan

There's a reason so many romantic movies are set in Manhattan. The city that never sleeps also misses nothing when it comes to romance. With your own luxury uptown apartment, you can do it all in Manhattan -- from a stop at Tiffany's to a carriage ride in Central Park.

11. Sonoma

What better place to celebrate your marriage than in California's lush wine country? Tucked away in Sonoma's green scenery are luxe villas with private spas and vineyard views, allowing you and your flame to get away from it all with a bottle of some of the world's finest wine and emerge only when you need another!

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