When you hear the word villa, what comes to mind? Romance, luxury, beauty? You're on the right track. A villa tends to be a cozy, yet somehow sprawling residence that almost fuses itself with the countryside surrounding it. Don't separate yourself from your environment on your next vacation. Instead, embrace it - and still enjoy modern luxuries (like a gourmet kitchen, hot tub, or high-thread count pillows). Vacation Rentals.com has rounded up the top luxury villa rentals in the world, so you can peruse at your leisure and book when you're ready! Best part of all? Even the most spacious and luxurious villas offer up better rates than most hotels.

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Top Villa Destinations

Caribbeancaribbean luxury vila

Luxury villa rentals on the beach are hard to beat. After all, waking up with a cup of coffee and the sun rising over the ocean isn't half bad, but when you're surrounded by the comforts of home and the luxuries of a resort-style accommodation, it's even better. Here are some popular Caribbean villa destinations:

  • Bahamas: Kick back and relax on the world's most beautiful beaches (Gold Rock and Pink Sands are highlights). Adventure awaits, too - go fishing, surfing, or check out the Marine Habitat of Atlantis, home to 50,000 marine animals.
  • Puerto Rico: Sure, there's the beach (Playa Flamenco cove is a must see), but there's also the people. The culture sparkles just like the sand here, and is the reason you'll want to come back again.
  • St Martin/St Marteen: Experience the Dutch and French sides of the Caribbean on this diverse island. Then of course there's nature, and luckily there are plenty of breathtaking beaches and rainforests to go around.

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The Sunshine State might as well be called the Vacation State. It's filled with vacation rentals, and many of them are luxury villas. Here are a few of the more popular Florida villa destinations:

  • Disney Area: The perfect way to unwind after a very long (though no doubt exciting) day at Disney World or Universal Studios is to collapse onto a comfy couch or bed in one of our many luxury villa rentals in Disney.
  • Key Largo: One of the most popular Keys (if not the most popular) - likely due to how easy it is to get to from Florida - has loads of beautiful beach villas to choose from, so in between snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, and margarita sipping, you'll have plenty of peace, quiet, and luxury to enjoy.
  • Miami Beach: Get your heart pounding on a surf board or the dance floor here. From the tireless nightlife of South Beach to the blue green waters of the Atlantic Ocean, luxury villa rentals fit in well here.

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Las Vegas

Vegas. Luxury. Is there a better pair in the world? For your next visit to Sin City, stay the right way: in a luxury Vegas vacation villa! Even if you're on a tight budget or wish to save those pennies for gambling, drinking, show seeing, shopping, and museum hopping, you can still afford a roomy and amenity-packed accommodation. Vacation rentals offer a much better value than hotels. So, why settle for less than marble floors, satellite TV, a private pool, or an air hockey table? Vegas rentals are packed with fancy surprises!

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If you're headed to Hawaii, there's a good chance you're headed to Oahu, the most popular of all the islands. Of course you'll enjoy the ocean and jungle scenery, but there's plenty manmade attractions, too, like: the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, and the Honolulu Museum of Art. A luxury villa rental in Ko Olina on the west side of Oahu is just one great example of where you can stay.

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palm desert luxury villasCalifornia

California has no shortage of vacation rentals, luxury villas included. But where to start? One idea: Palm Desert, especially if you're a golf fan, as the gorgeous desert town is overflowing with top-rated courses. They compete with many other unique attractions, though, like: the Aerie Art Garden, Gargen Optics Observatory, and Living Desert Zoo & Gardens.

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South Carolina

The coast of South Carolina is one of America's favorite playgrounds, and thankfully there are plenty of luxury beach villas in the area that you can book. Here are a few of the state's favorite beaches:

  • Hilton Head: Biking, horseback riding, and golfing! Oh, and then there's the beach, too. Book a luxury beach villa and you're set for an adventurous, relaxing, or adventurous and relaxing getaway.
  • Myrtle Beach: Got kiddos? You're in luck - as far as beach towns go, it doesn't get much more family-friendly than this one. Same goes for Myrtle Beach rentals.

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Stay along the Gulf or the Pacific ocean in style. Mexico is no stranger to luxury beach villas, but it's a huge country, so a huge challenge picking out a specific city to stay in. Here's a start, though: 

  • Cabo San Lucas: This crowd pleasing beach town has room for everyone: kids, couples, partiers, and more. With beaches for swimming, surfing, and also getting away from the crowds, and plenty of things to see and do on land, too, booking a rental here guarantees a really memorable (and affordable) vacation.
  • Playa Del Carmen: Like Cabo, everyone will have something to do here. Explore everything from Mayan ruins to art galleries.  

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More Luxury Villa Rentals

Luxury villa rentals hardly start and end here. There is a big world out there, full of them! Here are some additional destinations you may want to consider for a villa rental:

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