1. Napa Valley, California
It’s certainly one of the US’s classier tourist traps. Sip some cabernet at vineyards like the Jarvis Winery, or learn how to make it at Cakebread Cellars. 

2. Tuscany, Italy
Here, you may see a villager stomping on grapes the old-fashioned way, or taste wine in a medieval castle! One-fifth of the world’s wine comes from Italy.

3. Sonoma Valley, California
If it weren’t for Sonoma (and the rest of the California Wine Country for that matter), Napa would be a bit too crowded for comfort! For those who want to soak up as much scenery as wine, Sonoma’s a great choice.

4. Santa Barbara, California
Sideways was filmed here. Enough said.

5. Portland, Oregon
Oregon boasts 9,000+ acres dedicated to winemaking, and Portland makes the perfect home base, in between vineyard hopping. Visit in early May for the annual Portland Indie Wine Festival.

6. Argentina
Better watch out France/Italy/Napa Valley; Argentina’s a rising star in the vino industry. 

7. Long Island, New York
There’s a place for wine connoisseurs in New York besides the uppity Manhattan restaurants, and that place is called Long Island Wine Country. This up-and-comer has been getting lots of attention of late, so hurry up and book a flight before everyone catches on to the fab wining and dining that happens here every day!

8. Seattle, Washington
Washington’s Puget Sound is brimming with world-class vineyards.

9. New Zealand
Is the world’s best Sauvignon Blanc found here? Find out for yourself by booking a New Zealand wine vacation!

10. Texas Hill country
Taste the Texas difference in Fredericksburg