It’s hard to believe that Park City, Utah was once a sleepy mining town, especially considering its modern reputation as one of the premier resort cities in the world. Everyday, Park City sends out a clarion call to skiers, nature lovers, movie buffs, and the well-heeled, and they all reply resoundingly by flocking to the city’s mountains, shops, restaurants, and various nature-themed avocations.

park city barsOf course, many a visitor doesn’t fit neatly under any of the aforementioned classifications. Your getaway to Park City may have been fueled by something else entirely. How about the pursuit of great nightlife? Don’t laugh, but Park City does indeed don an exciting persona once the sun goes down. Care to see for yourself? Pay a visit to one of Park City’s best bars and you’ll see there’s more than skis and Robert Redford in PC.

1. Red Rock Junction

Don’t let the presence of a child’s menu fool you; the stylish Red Rock Junction has a grand selection of very adult brews. Their collection of beers, wine, and liquors are extensive and varied, and their beers have received so many national and international awards, you must commence with a lot of scrolling to read them from their website. Wood fired pizzas, filet mignon, almond crusted trout, and a variety of sandwiches and pasta grace Red Rock Junction’s tasty menu.

2. Harry O's

The largest club in Park City, Harry O’s atmosphere is stylish, sexy, and very Vegas-y. Harry O’s hosts a variety of live music acts from house to hip hop, and you may find yourself shaking your booty alongside some well known faces when the Sundance Film Festival is going on. Mosey up to the bar for cocktails and the like when you need a pick-me-up.

3. High West Distillery & Saloon

Utah’s first legal distillery since 1870, High West is the ultimate way to experience the spirit of the west through fine food and fabulous spirits. Their aged whiskeys are crafted from local ingredients in old copper pots; the vodka and cocktails are worth sampling, too. The western inspired menu is as sophisticated as rustic victuals can get; they offer a pairing menu and a kids menu as well. Their rare 21 year old rye is the perfect ending to a evening at High West.

4. Lindzee O' Michaels Mixologists

Visitors and locals alike flock to Lindzee O’Michaels not just for the largest selection of world class spirits in Park City, but for a little casual fun, too. The bar hosts live music and DJs as well as Monday Night Football gatherings and spontaneous foosball tourneys. The heated terrace is a lovely place to enjoy their massive collection of beers and admire their waterfall. 

5. Downstairs

Located on Park City’s picturesque Main Street, Downstairs is one part refined, historic style pub, one part modern lounge and dance club. Downstairs hosts a variety of live performers and a mix of genres, and when you don’t feel like dancing, cozy up to the sleek bar for drinks. You may even spot a few celebs, dancing or DJing.

If you’re feeling thirsty now, or have a hankering to get out for some fun, check out all the great bars Park City is home to. Then bring a few liquid souvenirs back to your vacation rental for a quiet, or not so quiet, evening.