A bike ride through the desert, a leisurely stint at a spa, or a running jump into the lake…are all made better with Arizona’s White Mountains. Frame your vacation with peaks that are worth climbing, or at least photographing. Our favorite Arizona mountain rentals are located in the following destinations:

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California isn’t just big beaches and big cities. It’s got big mountains, too. Whether you’re mixing your mountain getaway up with a trip to the coast, or sticking to skiing, you’ll discover no shortage of elevation. We’ve rounded up California's best mountain rentals for you right here.


Canada is a nature lover’s dream-come-true, so it goes without saying the country has mountains. The best mountain rentals in Canada are located in the following cities.

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How’d you like to wake up to the Blue Ridge Mountains every morning? Georgia has natural charm, quite literally, with many attractions set in the Great Outdoors. So, don’t miss out on the uniquely blue horizon (yep, there’s a reason it’s called Blue Ridge) when you visit. Many Georgia towns feature mountain views, but Blue Ridge and Blairsville are smart places to start.


The Rocky Mountain State welcomes outdoorsy types throughout the year. In the summertime, enjoy horseback rides and hikes. In the winter, ski or snowboard until you drop. Colorado is filled with mountain towns, so you’re sure to find the right fit for you and your fellow travelers.


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Branson has the unusual quality of attracting urbanites and nature loves alike. Shopping, shows, and museums will keep you with plenty of things to do – that is, when you’re not biking, fishing, or just staring in awe at the Ozark Mountains.  


Montana is home to the Glacier National Park and Yellowstone, so its outdoor adventures are world-class. We think Montana’s best mountain rentals are located in Big Sky, Whitefish, and Yellowstone.

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New York

Whether you’re on the Adirondacks or Catskills side of things, the mountain views will never bore. Check out our picks for the New York's best mountain rentals below.

North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Mountains are sprawling indeed, but it’s North Carolina that really lays claim to it. Home to the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, the majority of the Blue Ridge Mountains (though don’t forget about West Virginia’s portion), and the Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina seems made for mountain rentals. Check out your options below.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains

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Oregon is packed to the brim with mountains, making it a state you definitely should visit for the scenery alone. To find the best mountain rentals in the state, check out Sunriver and Mount Hood!


Planning a trip to the Poconos is easy with the help of Vacation We have great mountain rentals all over the area, and especially in Lake Harmony.

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Enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains in peace and quiet with Tennessee's best mountain rentals.


Mountain rentals in Utah not only make a great base for a ski vacation, but are popular picks among bikers and hikers, as the area’s ripe with amazing trails.

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One of the Northeast’s premier ski destinations is Vermont, and that’s thanks in part to the wonderful selection of Vermont mountain rentals.


From the Olympic National Park to the Cascade Mountains, Washington is full of great views. Washington’s best mountain rentals can be found in Mount Baker, Mount Rainer, and Olympia.

Notable Mentions

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