After a long day of having the crisp mountain air blow in your face as you ski or snowboard down the slopes of Breckenridge, all you want to do is kick off your boots and engage in a little fun. Visiting some of the best après ski places is the most popular way that skiers and snowboarders find a little fun and excitement after a long day on the slopes.

These top après ski places in Breckenridge are a great way to enjoy some loud music, great dance floors and tasty drink specials that will leave you relaxed after a hard day on the slopes.

1. Celilia’s

A combination of a dance club and martini bar is sure to pull in a ski crowd that is looking for a little warmth after being out in the cold all day. Celilia’s offers this ideal combination to skiers and snowboards in Breckenridge. This bar/nightclub always has a DJ who is playing the latest techno tunes or top 40s hits, so you’ll always have something to groove to while on the dance floor. If you’re looking for something to wet the pallet, the martini bar has something for everyone with a menu of over 20 different drinks.

2. Burke & Riley’s Irish Pub

From the moment you set foot into Burke & Riley’s Irish Pub you’ll feel as if you walked from Breckenridge right into Ireland. A Celtic touch is given to everything in the pub from the decorations, to the music, the food and the drinks. The ability to party as if you were right inside an Irish pub is what makes this place such a popular hit amongst the après crowd.

3. The Gold Pan

If you’re looking for a more laid back way to end your evening of skiing or snowboarding, then the Gold Pan is the place to go. While there is lively music and drink specials are served nightly, there is also a nice laid back atmosphere that makes you want to kick up your ski boots and relax after a day on the slopes.

4. Lucha Colorado Canita

End a day of skiing and snowboarding with a little bit of added spice and flare by stopping by the Lucha Colorado Canita. Whether you are eating some of the wonderful Mexican food, drinking the cool margaritas or dancing to the Salsa music, this Mexican/Spanish themed restaurant and bar will add so much heat to your night, you’ll be surprised if you don’t melt the snow when you walk out the door.

5. Liquid Lounge

Tap into your younger, wilder and hipper side by winding down your evening at this modern nightclub. The Liquid Lounge pumps up the bass and plays the most popular hits loudly all through the night. There are nightly drink specials that will take the edge off your tingling muscles after a day of speeding down the slopes of Breckenridge.

When you’ve finally wound yourself down by partying and dancing the night away at these great après ski places in Breckenridge, you’ll be ready to rest your head in the quiet comfort of your vacation rental. The private, cozy atmosphere that comes with renting a vacation home in Breckenridge will allow you to clear your head from all the loud music and night of partying, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day of skiing or snowboarding.