Okemo, Vermont is home to the best skiing in the East! Okema ski resorts boast the finest powder in New England, with skiing, shopping, and fine dining experiences all in the same exclusive location. Okemo is a family-friend resort where you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied…on and off the slopes. With plenty of activities and superb accommodations, Okemo is a great place to visit any time of the year. While planning an Okemo ski vacation, use this travel guide to keep your calendar packed with activities.

What to Do in Okemo

okemo travel guideWhen you come to Okemo, you’ve got to come during the winter and ski! Beautiful ski resorts, with a wide variety of terrain and perfect conditions, is what Okemo prides itself on. Providing only the best skiing and snow experience is Okemo’s top priority. You’ll find terrains that are just right for the beginner and more challenging slopes for those who are seeking a thrill. Snowboarders are also welcome at Okemo ski resorts.

Okemo has more to offer than just skiing! You can go on a snowmobile adventure, visit historical sites, or even take in a round of golf. Okemo is a family experience with something here for everyone who comes on your vacation. In true Vermont style, you’ll experience genuine hospitality and historic flair no matter what you choose to do on your Okemo vacation.

Snowmobile tours are available for all levels. The tours go through scenic Vermont and the surrounding forest. While on your snowmobile adventure, you’ll go through forests and experience incredible views of nature. You can choose from a one hour tour, which is great for children, or go a bit longer on the two hour tour. Check in town for more information about snowmobile tours, rates, and hours.

Any trip to Vermont would be incomplete without visiting some of the historical sites. The historical sites are open year round, so no need to plan your vacation around the weather. You can visit places like the Calvin Coolidge Homestead, the Lincoln home, and Black River Academy museum. Vermont is rich in history, so you’ll find plenty of opportunities to teach your children about American history.

If you visit Okemo in the summer or fall time, you’ll also find some wonderful activities. The fall time is the perfect time to visit the East coast for fall foliage. Okemo has many beautiful trails where you can spot some of the most gorgeous fall colors around. In the spring time, you will enjoy taking a paddle boat out on the lake or biking in the hills. Or, take a swing on one of the many championship golf courses. Okemo has lush green and fairways to tempt any golfer.

Don’t leave Okemo without spending some time in the some of the mountain lodging. Okemo mountain lodging offers you a comfortable place to stay where you can take in spectacular views. Check out Vacation Rentals.com to find the best prices for Okemo mountain lodging.

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What to See in Okemo

okemo vacationsVermont is a quiet state, but there’s still much to see. Breweries, museums, libraries, and famous ice cream factories make Vermont an exciting place to visit. All of these places are within just a short drive from Okemo, making your jaunts off the slopes fun and memorable.

Vermont’s most famous resident is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory. Take a factory tour and learn all about how ice cream is made. You’ll even learn a bit about Ben and Jerry and their company mission. If you visit the factory in the summer, take some time to go on a picnic outside and eat some ice cream for dessert! And don’t forget to try some samples and pick up some ice cream for the trip back to the resort.

The Okemo area is also known for its many libraries. In nearby Ludlow, visit the Fletcher Memorial Library, named one of Vermont’s loveliest libraries. Inside you’ll find vaulted ceilings and soft colors. Take special note of the “Dutch metal” on the walls and vaulted ceilings. No expense was spared when building this library and you’ll notice the gorgeous marble and fine details. The architecture here is simply stunning! The library is named after former Vermont Governor Allen Fletcher and was built in honor of Fletcher’s father. Bring the kids and enjoy story time while taking in the beauty of the building. Or enjoy a quiet moment in one of the airy reading rooms.

If libraries and ice cream aren’t your thing, take a tour of a brewery. There are three famous breweries in the area offering tours and samples. Take a look at Long Trail Brewing Company, Vermont’s number one producer of beer or visit Harpoon Brewery. Both breweries offer tours and a unique look into the beer making process. Take an up close view of the production area and enjoy complimentary samples. Harpoon Brewery has a lunch area where you can enjoy an afternoon meal after your tour.

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Where to Shop and Eat in Okemo

The only problem you’ll run into when choosing a restaurant in Okemo is too many choices! There are plenty of restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines to tempt your taste buds. Dine at a country inn or a fancy restaurant. You could eat on the mountain or off. There are so many choices! You’ll find steak houses, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, pizza, and even Thai.

After filling up on delicious food, take some time to explore the charming shopping areas in Okemo. Set in a classic Vermont setting, you won’t find any malls here. But you will find quaint shops, boutiques, and country fairs. Travel just a short 30 miles from Okemo to Manchester and you’ll find designer outlets. Other shopping choices in Okemo range from baking supplies to country stores.

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When to Visit Okemo

Since Okemo is best known for its skiing, the winter time is an ideal time to visit. Come during the week to avoid most of the crowds. Many city dweller head to Okemo on the weekends to escape the concrete jungle and get some fresh air. Be prepared for colder temperatures in the winter with warm clothing and waterproof socks.

The fall time is also a nice time to visit Okemo. You can still participate in many of the recreational activities, like hiking, golfing, and shopping while partaking of the gorgeous fall foliage. Fall time in New England is a must see for anyone.

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What to Bring on an Okemo Vacation

Likely you’ll be coming for an Okemo ski vacation. You’ll want to make sure you plan accordingly and bring the right clothing. Okemo is in central Vermont, so there will be plenty of snow and colder temperatures in the winter time. You’ll want to pack:

  • skis, boots, and poles or your snowboard if you choose
  • a hat
  • sunglasses
  • warm socks
  • gloves or mittens
  • a warm jacket
  • lip balm

Don’t forget to pack a nice outfit for a dinner out and jeans and comfortable shoes for shopping excursions.

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Local Services in Okemo

You’ll find all the modern conveniences you need for your stay in Okemo. There are spas, shops, and rental facilities to help you relax and get the equipment you need. There are also many places in town to help you plan tours or offer directions.

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What to Know About Okemo

Vermont is rich in historic sites, museums, and outdoor activities. You won’t have to go far to experience many different cultural experiences. People in Vermont value history and architecture, so you’re sure to experience some beautiful architecture while soaking in bits of history.

In the summer months and fall time, Okemo is filled with many recreational activities and scenic adventures. Locals love Okemo at these times of years just as much as the visitors!

Okemo is known as one of the best ski resorts in the East. You’ll have fabulous snow on and off the slopes and be able to easily access many winter activities. In the summer, you can enjoy paddle boats, biking, and hikes in the forest.

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Getting to Okemo

Okemo is accessible from many points in Vermont and Massachussetts. You can fly into Boston and drive into Okemo. Okemo is located in central Vermont and can be reached from most major highway and road systems in New England. Or fly into New Jersey or New York City and take a shuttle service into Vermont. Okemo is a ski resort, so if you come in the winter, be sure to check for road conditions.

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Why Okemo Vacation Rentals?

Vacation Rentals.com offers you the most choices for Okemo mountain lodging at the best prices. You’ll find a wide variety of homes, cabins, and condos to choose from for your Okemo ski vacation. You’ll be able to bring the entire family to the Okemo ski resorts without breaking the budget. Check out Vacation Rentals.com to see what’s available.

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