smoky mountainsIf you’re craving a vacation full of fresh air and fun-filled adventure activities, look no further than the Smoky Mountains. Here you can hit the hiking trails, soar down the river in a kayak, or spend a quiet day fishing. Travelers who are just getting started with the planning process might be looking for a Smoky Mountains travel guide. This guide will provide you with all the basic information you need to know from choosing a vacation rental to the best outdoor activities for each season.

Mountain Rentals

Smoky Mountains vacations are enhanced by one thing: your very own rental. Escaping to somewhere as quiet and serene as the Smoky Mountains would be tainted by staying in a noisy hotel. When you choose a quiet cabin, you could have a roaring fireplace, an outdoor barbecue, and a spacious living room to help your whole family feel right at home.

Another great part of mountain rentals is close proximity to activities. While many hotels require a lengthy drive just to reach the hiking trails or fishing waters, a mountain rental will place you much closer to the action. Mountain biking, horseback riding, and canoeing will be right at your fingertips!

Seasons in the Smokies

No Smoky Mountains travel guide would be complete without providing details on the seasons. Of course the summer is a wonderful time to explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or take a tour of Cades Cove, but what about the rest of the year? In this part of the country, each season has its own appeal.

The springtime is best known for wildflowers that blanket the forest trails. Photographers arrive in the spring to capture this color, and return in the fall to take pictures of the gorgeous autumn foliage. Winter has its own pleasures too. While snow gathers in the mountain areas with higher elevations, the temperatures remain pleasant down at the hiking trails. Some visitors find gazing up at the snow-covered mountains to be the best view of the year.

smoky mountains hiking

Outdoor Activities

Smoky Mountains vacations will be full from start to finish with outdoor activities. From exploring the depths of Cades Cove to splashing around in the rivers with fishing, canoeing, and kayaking, there will never be a shortage of ways to enjoy the great outdoors in the Great Smoky Mountains.

There are two ways to tackle outdoor activities in the Smoky Mountains: to go about it independently or to hire a tour guide. If you’re learning a new skill such as horseback riding or fishing, you want to consider joining a tour. On the other hand if you’re planning to hit the hiking trails or go mountain biking, it is easy to do so independently.

For Families, Couples, or Groups of Friends

Now that you’ve learned the basics through this Smoky Mountains travel guide, you might be wondering who plans a trip here anyway. The answer is all types of people. Families love the adventure, couples love the peace and quiet, and groups of friends plan barbecues and rafting excursions. In the Smoky Mountains, you will find exactly the type of trip you desire!