Rent a Gatlinburg cabin in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.Are you looking for an escape to the Great Smoky Mountains? A trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee will strike the perfect balance between outdoor adventure and nightly entertainment. Instead of choosing a cramped hotel, why not spread out in a spacious Gatlinburg cabin? A vacation rental will deliver all that you want from the Great Smoky Mountains. With a Gatlinburg lake cabin, you can spend time relaxing by the fire or enjoying the mountain air. Keep reading to discover the top 5 reasons to rent a Gatlinburg vacation rental.

1. Luxury Touches

You might think that a Gatlinburg cabin will be rustic, but this isn’t always the case. Many mountain cabins offer all the amenities you need to create a luxurious getaway. When researching your options, it helps to identify the amenities at the top of your list. A wood-burning fireplace, soaking tub for two, steam shower, and outdoor hot tub are all highly desirable amenities in a mountain cabin. These luxurious touches will help you to make the most of your trip to the Great Smoky Mountains.

2. Peace and Quiet

When you wake up in a Gatlinburg lake cabin, the only thing you will hear is a breeze in the trees and birds chirping. If you’re the type of traveler that values peace and quiet, these cabins will be ideal. Instead of dealing with noisy neighbors at a hotel, you can enjoy the serenity of a mountain cabin. Go ahead and sit outside on the deck in your pajamas while drinking morning coffee or take an afternoon hike without running into anyone else. This kind of peace and quiet is difficult to find, but Gatlinburg has it.

3. Pet Friendly Options

Are you the type of traveler that can’t bear the thought of leaving home without your beloved pet? When you choose vacation rentals in Gatlinburg, you won’t have to ask family once again to watch your dog. Many owners of rentals in Gatlinburg are pet owners themselves, and therefore they understand the importance of the whole family being together. Some rentals do have rules depending on the size and weight of the dog (or limiting the number of pets) so be sure to ask for specific rules before making a reservation. Your pet will love to participate in all of the outdoor adventure options right beyond the door of your cabin.

4. Quality Family Time

It is possible to choose a Gatlinburg cabin with no TV or Internet. While some kids might initially grumble, the result will definitely be more quality family time. Instead of sitting in front of the TV, why not cook a favorite family recipe together? After an evening meal, break out the board games, a deck of cards, or play charades. You might be surprised how much fun you can have when your immediate environment is free of distractions. Turn off the phones and get ready to spend the night laughing with your kids.

5. The Great Outdoors on Your Doorstep

When you swing open the door of your Gatlinburg lake cabin, a wide range of activities will be right there on your doorstep. Over the course of a week it would be easy not to repeat the same outdoor activity twice. Let your kids help you choose between fishing, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, white water rafting, kayaking, and more. Before you embark on an adventure, be sure to pack a long a picnic from the kitchen of your rental.

There are many more reasons where those top 5 came from, but you’ll just have to visit Gatlinburg to find out.