A vacation should be a trip to paradise. While outdoors enthusiasts have been dreaming about Utah vacations for decades, there are now even more reasons than ever to visit this western state. Beyond spectacular state parks and ski resorts you will discover farmers markets, music festivals, historical attractions, and more!

Take Utah skiing to new heights with cabins available on VacationRentals.com. Once you’ve spread out in the comfort of Utah rentals, you’ll never go back to cramped hotels again! With options for every kind of trip, from a family reunion to a romantic getaway, these Utah rentals will make your mountain escape dreams come true.

What to Do in Utah

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Winter Wonderland

Utah ski resorts deservedly have one of the best reputations in the country for winter thrills. From Beaver Mountain to Alta to Snowbird to Sundance, Utah skiing will test your skills with challenging and diverse runs. If you’re a beginner at either skiing or snowboarding, Utah is home to some of the best instructors in the country. Sign up for a lesson and get ready to show off your new skills! Each year, skiing enthusiasts plan Utah vacations because this state receives over 500 inches of perfect powdery snow each year. That means perfect conditions, whether you are looking for fresh powder or perfectly groomed trails. There are 13 total resorts in Utah, and most of which are less than an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City Airport. Bring the whole family to Utah ski resorts and while the kids take lessons, you can blaze down the challenging trails!

Skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only way to enjoy Utah vacations in the winter. Climb aboard a snow mobile for an adrenaline-inducing ride through the snow, build a snowman on the doorstep of Utah rentals, or just snuggle up by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa. After all, the best part about winter vacations is warming up again after a day in the snow!

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The Great Outdoors Beyond the Winter Season

Savvy travelers are well aware that Utah vacations outside of the winter season can be just as exhilarating. The rivers of Utah offer some of the world’s best white water rafting, so grab a helmet and a tour guide and get ready to hit the rapids! The Green River and Colorado River offer rapids from Class I through Class IV, and provide breathtaking scenery including Labyrinth Canyon, Little Niagara, and Fisher Towers.

Utah rentals are a gateway for a variety of outdoor adventure, including hiking, biking, fishing, boating, and more. Hiking enthusiasts will love Arches National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park. If you’re looking to cover more ground, look into horseback riding tours and trot through Monument Valley or around Lake Powell. For a hiking challenge, plan a day exploring one of these top five regions: Wasatch Front, Northern Mountains, Dinosaurland, Great Basin, or Red Rock.

If you’re looking for fresh mountain air instead of sweltering heat for your summer vacation, Utah rentals will be perfect for you. Try your hand at trout fishing in the cool mountain lakes and streams or give fly-fishing a shot. For a little more excitement, hit the off-roading trails, take your first rock climbing lesson, or gaze down at the incredible terrain from a hot air balloon.

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Family Fun

Utah skiing is a great excuse for some family bonding time. Watch your kids’ confidence grow with each and every lesson they take. There’s no better place to spend the holidays than on the slopes and getting cozy by the fire at night. From Christmas to New Year's, the holiday spirit is alive in Utah! Beyond Utah ski resorts, there are also many more opportunities for family fun that will make your trip special.

Take a boat ride on Lake Powell, see dinosaur fossils embedded in rock at the Dinosaur National Monument, or catch a professional sports game for some family fun. Whether you like basketball, hockey, or college sports treat your kids to a night of family fun. If your kids need some convincing to give Utah a shot, be sure to tell them about all of the entertainments and amusements that are available beyond outdoor activities. Kids might want to spend a day or two at an amusement park such as the Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, but the truth is, the great outdoors is the place to be in Utah.

A hot air balloon ride will make Utah vacations unforgettable, so surprise your kids with the ride of a lifetime! Watch the sunrise over the mountains in Utah and your kids will never hesitate to head west for vacation again.

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The Romantic Side of Utah

Don’t let the basics of a Utah skiing vacation fool you: there will be many opportunities for romance as well. After a day on the slopes what could be more romantic than a soak in steamy mineral water? Visit the pools of Brigham City to get your evening off to a romantic start.

A dip in these mineral waters might just seduce you into taking advantage of local spas. After a day spent at Utah ski resorts, unwind with a couples massage, aromatherapy treatment, or detoxifying body wrap. You can choose from day spas or resort spas. Some of the most popular across the state include Cedar Breaks Spa, the Cliff Spa, and the Retreat Day Spa. Make your reservations in advance to ensure that convenient times are still available.

Send the sparks flying right at home in Utah rentals as well. Hit the local farmers markets to pick up supplies for a gourmet meal at home, and don't forget a bottle of wine! The romance can begin before you even arrive by choosing the right rental. Set the stage for romance with Utah rentals that include an oversized Jacuzzi bathtub or a private balcony for watching the twinkling stars.

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What to See in Utah

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Scenic Drives in Utah

Even if you don’t want to participate in all the adventurous activities available in Utah, that doesn’t mean you can’t see all the spectacular landscapes. One of the best ways to see Utah is by planning a good-old American road trip. By cruising along one of the scenic byways in Utah, you can enjoy all of the mountain views without lifting a finger!

From rugged mountains and forests to red rock canyons the variety of Utah landscapes will astound every single visitor. While there are many routes to explore, some of the top scenic byways include the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway, Logan Canyon, and Trail of the Ancients. Fill up the gas tank, but your favorite music on, and enjoy the open road!

History, Heritage & Culture

While Utah ski resorts might lure travelers west, what often fascinates them the most is historical attractions. Dinosaurs have left a wealth of fossils in Utah, the ancient pueblo cultures left remnants across the state, and in more modern history the story of people who arrived by covered wagons are accessible at monuments and museums.

All Utah vacations should include stops at a few historical sites. Some of the best include the Golden Spike National Historic Site (commemorating the completion of the nation’s first transcontinental railroad), Main Street of the silver mining boom town Park City, and the Dinosaur National Monument. The Utah State Capitol will be of interest to all historical and politically-mined travelers as well.

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Where to Shop and Eat in Utah

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Don’t Ski? Go shopping!

Some travelers want to spend every minute on the slopes, while others think a day or two of Utah skiing is plenty. Your days can easily be filled with the variety of shopping choices available in Utah. It’s all here, from outlets to antiques to local crafts!

From art galleries to outdoor malls, a traditional trading post to hand-made gifts, your shopping craving is sure to be satisfied in Utah. Start out at Tanger Outlets in Park City before heading to Park Silly Market. Apple Annie’s Country Store in Brian Head will take you back to a different time while Park City Main Street Mall will have the latest fashions.

The Culinary Scene of Utah

What is the best way to end a day of Utah skiing? Foodies will agree that sampling the cuisine of talented local chefs will take home this prize any day. From seafood to classic American, zesty Mexican to European-influenced, you will find just about every type of food on offer in Utah!

With all the money you’ll save choosing Utah rentals instead of overpriced hotels, you might be able to afford splurging on a meal or two! Some of the top choices across the state include Spruce Park City, The Roof or Franck’s Restaurant in Salt Lake City, or Log Haven. Besides being adventurous, Utah vacations are guaranteed to be delicious!


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When to Visit Utah

Utah skiing remains one of the top reasons for travel to this western state. Perfect snow conditions and sunny days draw ski enthusiasts from across the country and beyond during the ski season of November through March (sometimes even longer). In recent years, Utah has transformed its image from solely a place for ski bunnies to a year-round resort. Escape the heat of summers on the beach, and plan a white-water rafting adventure instead. The best deals will be found during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall, both of which boast pleasant temperatures. Avoid times when kids are off school if you want the most peaceful environment!

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What to Bring to Utah

One characteristic travelers love about Utah ski resorts is their laid-back vibe. You won’t need anything too fancy in Utah, so leave your high heels at home, and instead pack layers of clothing that will keep you comfortable no matter what the temperature is. Winter essentials include hats, gloves, ski goggles, and maybe even a hand warmer or two. If you’re traveling outside of the winter and plan on hitting the hiking trails, bring along your boots, rain gear, and a camera to capture all the fantastic scenery. Don't worry if you are lacking the best ski equipment, everything you need will be available for rent in Utah. You may want to make reservations for your great ahead of time to ensure what you want is in stock.

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Local Services in Utah

One of the reasons travelers plan repeat Utah vacations every year is the fantastic local services. People are known for being friendly in Utah, and helping to make your trip memorable in any way they can. From knowledgeable horseback riding tour guides to a local that will recommend the best new restaurant or bakery, you can depend on Utah residents to pass along inside knowledge of the place they love. Farmers markets, grocery stores, banks, and post offices will bring any conveniences you might need to your trip.

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What to Know About Utah

If you’re looking to travel to Utah on a budget, there are a few tips that might help you secure an affordable trip. First of all, don’t wait to book your airfare. While you may be able to find last minute discounts to other locations, this often isn’t the case with Utah. This destination is so popular with skiing enthusiasts that flights often sell-out far in advance. Airfare is also higher during weeks when kids are off school, so if you aren’t worried about kids' schedules, avoid these weeks at all costs. The same can be said for vacation rentals, book in advance, and avoid times when schools are closed to ensure your Utah fantasy vacation comes true!

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Getting to Utah

Most visitors begin Utah vacations by arriving at Salt Lake City airport. Almost all of the ski resorts are located within an hour’s drive of this international airport. You can choose to either rent a car or arrange for a shuttle to transport you to your vacation rental. Some travelers find that renting a car is a huge convenience for purchasing groceries and other supplies, but it isn’t always necessary depending on the location of your rental.

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Why Utah vacation rentals?

After a long day on the slopes, you will want to relax and enjoy the scenery. An overcrowded, impersonal hotel just can’t provide the same cozy environment of Utah rentals. With plenty of room for all your ski equipment and a kitchen to make that soothing mug of hot cocoa, a vacation rental will bring your Utah trip to new heights!

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