cheap golf vacationsIf your year started off slowly, make a point to speed it up by golfing 10 great courses, on 10 cheap golf vacations that will take you all over the country, and make this a year to remember! If you go on one of these 10 cheap golf vacations, you will have a great time swinging your heart out by day, and relaxing in your gorgeous rental property by night. Staying in a vacation property affords you the luxury of privacy, while also giving you access to a large kitchen where you can cook your own meals instead of dining out. Choosing to rent a property, rather than staying in a noisy, crowded hotel, might even improve your game, because you will be able to focus on your back swing, rather than your enormous bill!

10 cheap golf vacations are listed below for your consideration. Keep in mind that all of these 10 cheap golf vacations will take you to great courses, as well as luxurious, affordable accommodations!

1. Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is a lovely place to stay, even if you are just going there to enjoy the great weather and local attractions. But as a golfer, you will also have the opportunity to golf a course that includes breathtaking views of the ocean.

2. Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach Golf Links Club is a place where you can unwind, enjoy the view and the course, and then get something great to eat at the end of a nice 4-hour golf tour. 6,828 yards of fun await you by day, and by night you can stay in an affordable vacation rental that has huge, HD TVs that will be as much fun as your golfing. Near the Pebble Beach Golf Links Club is Cypress Point Club, which is also a top-5 ranked course in the United States. Stay in lovely Pebble Beach, where rental units are cheap and amazing!

3. San Diego

Admiral Baker Golf Course in San Diego, California will delight you for all 6,822 yards of green sloping hills and with its scenic north golf course location. Rental properties in San Diego range from cheap, so cheap that they can be listed on 10 Cheap Golf Vacations, to stunning luxury.

cheap golf vacation

4. Las Vegas

The Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the better choices here, not just due to its world-class reputation, but its splashy surroundings.

5. San Clemente

With lots of discount rates, San Clemente, California is not just another destination - thanks to the Shorecliffs Golf Club.

6. Scottsdale

For more information on Scottsdale golf vacations, read on.

7. Charlotte

The heartland of North Carolina in Charlotte has a great course just waiting for you! The Quail Hollow Club is every bit as beautiful as vacation rentals that start at $110 or less nightly.

8. Los Angeles

The Rancho Park Golf Course in Los Angeles, California is breathtaking, but the luxury penthouse condos, charming houses in gated communities, and other vacation rental options in Los Angeles are every bit as charming!

9. Philadelphia

Cobbs Creek Golf Club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is fun, laid-back, and friendly for first-time visitors. And, your nightlife options will be abundant if you use Vacation to find a property in the Cheese Steak State.

10. Jacksonville, Florida

Mill Cove Golf Course in Jacksonville, Florida is an unexpected choice for 10 cheap golf vacations, but it’s close enough to Disney to take a side-trip, and you can stay in a cheap, beautiful rental property.

You can find hundreds of golf vacations, but these 10 cheap golf vacations will give you great golfing, and great accommodations!

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