If you love a little spice in life, and your day-to-day job seems to lack just that, then you might consider adventure vacations in Colorado as a means of jazzing things up a bit. What better way to make life worth living than by getting your adrenaline pumping once more.

adventure vacations in colorado

Taking on the Slopes

The first thing everyone thinks of when it comes to Colorado adventure vacations is hitting the fresh snow on mountain slopes. The most popular Colorado skiing destinations include:

Each of these locations provides a variety of fantastic slopes ranging in skill level from beginner to advanced. While your first thought might be to stay at the ski resort itself, you can save a lot of money, and enjoy a more comfortable vacation, if you stay in a vacation rental instead.

Keep in mind that skiing isn’t the only winter adventure sport that Colorado has to offer. You can also enjoy a snowshoeing or snowmobile tour through the mountain trails. Depending on whether you want to walk or ride, either one provides a challenge.

Looking for something even more exhilarating on adventure vacations in Colorado? How about driving your own dog sled team through the snow-covered peaks? Dog sled companies like Grizzle-T Dog Sledding Adventures out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado give you an opportunity to drive your own team for a couple of hours after a little instruction. Of course, if you’re looking for the experience without the work, Grizzle-T and other dog sled companies (like Durango Dog Ranch and Mountain Musher) offer half-day trips where you ride along while a trained professional guides the huskie team.

colorado horseback riding

Drive ‘Em Home

What better way to enjoy adventure vacations in Colorado than to experience the old west. Take on the experience of a dude ranch to really feel like a man (or a strong, independent woman). Of course, there will be horseback riding – and not the wimpy your-horse-follows-another-horse-on-a-trail kind of horseback riding experience; this is horseback riding at its absolute best.

Take on a cattle drive for a few days, roughing it under the stars. If a cattle drive just isn’t enough to get your juices flowing, many ranches in Colorado also offer rock climbing (and we’re not talking your little sister’s rock wall here), hiking expeditions and mountain biking, to name a few.

Ride the Rapids

Adventure vacations in Colorado wouldn’t be complete without including a day of white water rafting. This is something you can do individually or with the whole family; you simply have to accommodate to everyone’s skill level. Popular places for great rapids in Colorado include:

You’ll find that the waters for a rafting excursion are rated. Class I is appropriate for all ages because there are no significant obstacles or waves on the water. Class II is also great for the whole family. There are rapids with a few waves, but that stretch of water has wide channels and clear passages.

Class III is moderately difficult since it requires maneuvering to avoid obstacles and has irregular waves and narrower channels. However, it’s still appropriate for most families with children over 50 pounds. Classes IV and V are probably better suited for teens and adults only. Class IV is difficult and often requires precise maneuvering to avoid obstacles. Class V constitutes continuous rapids, with basically no break, making it extremely difficult. There is a Class VI, but this indicates an area of water that is un-runnable because it will likely cause serious injury or even death.

Whatever you choose to do to get your adrenaline pumping, you’ll likely find an activity in Colorado to suit your fancy. Book your adventure vacation today!