Vacations are all about adventure - trying new things that you wouldn't usually have the opportunity to pursue. For fun and excitement, consider Florida for your next adventure vacation! Being such a large and diverse state, Florida has much to offer tourists. For adventure vacations in Florida, peruse these ideas.

florida skydiving

Skydiving Adventures

Skydiving is one of the greatest adventures on earth, and there are several top-notch skydiving centers that are perfect for adventure vacations in Florida. Experience the thrill of soaring at three thousand to ten thousand feet over the earth, feeling like a bird in flight. Since Florida is so flat, the views are phenomenal - you'll be able to see quite far from wherever you jump. Depending on your jump zone, you could have an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean, the Space Coat or Kennedy Space Center, the Everglades, and more. If you are a first time jumper, a tandem jump (with a certified tandem master) is recommended - this way, you'll get to experience free fall at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. Also consider purchasing a video of your flight so you'll always remember exactly how fearless you were!

Safari Adventure Tours

Guided excursions of central Florida are another way to satisfy the adventure-seeker inside. Safari tours incorporate a day of hiking in a Seminole County state forest, swimming in one of the natural springs, and a pontoon boat ride on the St Johns River. Guides provide information on wild life, local lore and history, and Florida's ecosystem. For more information, research safari adventure tours online.

River Rafting

Barreling down a river at full speed, trying to hang on and help steer the raft, navigating trees and other obstacle - the challenging sport of river rafting is one of the most fun and exhilarating experiences one can have - something you’ll always remember. Various companies throughout the state offer rafting tours suitable for various ages and abilities. If you have never been river rafting, you’ll want to find a river/tour for Class I/Basic. For the more experienced rafters, look for Class IV or V/Advanced. Most people will find excitement somewhere in between. Look online for reputable companies by geographic location.

beach vacations in florida

Beach Fun

With balmy temperatures year-round, south Florida is the place to enjoy beach and water sports. In fact, Florida adventure vacations begin with the beach. You'll find the water in Florida just as balmy as the air, especially in the summer months. Beach adventure vacations in Florida are an opportunity to try something new: windsurfing, jet skiing, body surfing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, sea kayaking, or surfing. Parasailing is an especially fun and exciting adventure. Meanwhile, sea kayaking in the Florida Keys or taking a night paddle may also spice up your trip.

According to the Travel Channel, the top beaches in Florida include Naples (Millionares' Row), Ft Lauderdale and Miami Beach. Other notable (and less known) beaches include Anna Maria near Tampa, Siesta Key, and Lido Key. Also consider a trip to the St John's River to see the manatees.

Auspicious Orlando

Orlando is home to the magical land of Walt Disney World as well as Universal Studios, making it one of the world's premier travel destinations. If you enjoy festivities, shows, extreme roller coasters and other rides, Orlando is the place for you. Other Orlando attractions include Gatorland, Kennedy Space Center, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Fantasy of Flight, Central Florida Zoo, and Wonderworks.

No matter how you choose to spend your Florida vacation, you won't run out of interesting or exotic things to do. You simply cannot go wrong with adventure vacations in Florida!