beach golf vacation spotsThere are so many beach golf vacation spots, that it's a difficult task for discerning sportsmen to find their favorite course. Whether you prefer the breeze of the Atlantic or Pacific wafting your way on the 9th hole, you have bigger choices to make, like where you will stay. Beach golf vacation spots have a super abundance of crowded, noisy hotels in the area, and who wants to deal with all of that fuss when your mind is on the game? Distractions might lead to scores you will sorely regret, so stay clear of over-priced hotels when you are considering beach golf vacation spots.

beach golf vacation

Beach Golf Destinations

Pebble Beach, California

Pebble Beach has two great beach golf vacation spots for your consideration, and the listings online are so easy to peruse that you will find suitable accommodations in no time! Book today and you could find yourself at the 18th hole tomorrow, smug and satisfied with your performance at either of the two top-5 golf courses in the world that are both located in Pebble Beach! Pebble Beach isn’t just a couple of golf courses; it is a lovely retreat in its own right, too.


Destin is one of Florida's top golf spots, which is saying a lot. It's also one of Florida's top beach sots, which is also saying a lot. If you're headed to the Sunshine State, head straight here.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a well-known option because of its southern beauty and elegance, and its amazing golfing, right? Why not pack up your bags and head to a peaceful retreat that will fill your belly with soul food and your spirit with wind velocity measures against gradients and clubs.


The Aloha State is brimming with unparallelled beaches and golf courses. While many visitors pay an arm and a leg for a Hawaii vacation, you can save a ton on a beach rental.


For the most adventurous golfers, there are beach golf vacation spots in Ireland that are worth the long flight! Players book at least 3 months in advance to golf the treacherous courses that are known for their unpredictable weather and slopes. You would be the envy of every person at your home country club if you did well at the 18 hole course in Ireland that is often featured in famous tours! Rent a villa in Galway, Ireland and perfect your game!

Seasonal Destinations

When searching for beach golf vacation spots, you might find yourself drawn to destinations with year-round sunshine. However, many beach communicties - like Ocean City, New Jersey and Cape Cod feature great weather for swinging and swimming in the summer.

Finding Great Beach and Golf Deals

Vacation Rentals is a site that will help you sift through all of those possibilities that are dancing in your head like sugarplums on Christmas Eve. Decide how many players are going to go on your next retreat with you, and search vacation rentals by size, or if you are more concerned with location, click the city and browse the amazing bargain rates and special deals. Sometimes you can find deals of up to 70% off of regular nightly rates, and other times there are free nights included in your rental package, or exciting freebies. Some owners even offer free beach and golf passes to their guests.

Beach golf vacation spots are popular because of the views, right? So why not enjoy those same views from panoramic picture windows in a gorgeous beach house that will accommodate all of the golfers in your large group, or a cozy beach chalet for just you. Enjoy nearby fine dining, then curl up with the new issue of the Economist, or watch your favorite players on tour on a huge HD plasma television. The great thing is, you can decide which amenities you want in your private vacation rental by browsing through the endless listings of options.

One thing is for sure, though - you will experience more privacy and enjoy more dignity choosing accommodations from, because you will be a unique guest, rather than just another number in some hotel.

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