Best Amusement ParksAmusement parks have entertained thrill seekers for centuries, with hundreds now dotting the world with various themes. The best amusement parks in the world set themselves apart from the rest with rides, live entertainment, and the little extras that make them unique. Thankfully, a common thread among the world’s best amusement parks is their proximity to great accommodation deals from So no matter what your budget, your stay is affordable, comfortable, and private.

1. Cedar Point – Sandusky Ohio

The undisputed king of amusement parks is in the backyard of Midwestern Americans, making Cedar Point a popular road trip destination for many families. The park boasts more roller coasters than any in the world, with 17 soul-quaking rides, a water park, and season-long live shows. Groups can rent beach houses or lakeside condos just minutes from the park.

2. Disney Theme Parks

The magical world of Disney holds a special place among amusement parks, from California’s Disneyland to Tokyo Disney Resort. has five spectacular options in Tokyo, 40 rentals near Disneyland Paris, and countless options in Anaheim, as well as Orlando, the home of Walt Disney World.

3. Sea World

Whether you’re dying to visit San Diego, Orlando, or San Antonio, Sea World is a must-see attraction. The rides, shows, and special events make Sea World a unique amusement park that can be as educational for kids as it is fun. A vacation rental makes packing money-saving lunches easy and family time away from the park even easier.

4. Six Flags Resorts

Six Flags has North America covered, with 19 parks in nine states from California to Massachusetts, and destinations in Canada and Mexico as well. Thrilling rides await every age group, while live entertainment and a new “Glow in the Park” parade entertain even the roller coaster averse. Staying in a vacation rental lets families enjoy time together in the privacy of their own home without the impersonal feel of a hotel. has options near every Six Flags theme park.

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5. Parc Asterix – Paris, France

A year-round attraction with a variety of roller coasters, Parc Asterix is a perfect complement to Disneyland Paris. Based on the stories of Asterix by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny about a boy who resists the Roman army, the park is full of rides incorporating themes from ancient Rome and Greece. Seven roller coasters and a number of children’s rides will delight the entire family.

6. Canada’s Wonderland – Ontario, Canada

The country’s biggest amusement park, Canada’s Wonderland, attracts tourists from across the world. The park features roller coasters, kids’ adventures, and a water park at more reasonable prices than most amusement parks, while offering the culture of Toronto just 20 miles away.

7. Port Adventura – Terragona, Spain

Universal Port Adventura incorporates the traditional culture of Spain with modern thrills in a park unlike any other. Divided into five lands, the park features a coastal fishing village, a tropical paradise, its own Chinatown, the Wild West, and ancient Mexico with attractions based on ancient Mayan culture. Two roller coasters are the cornerstone of the park rides, but Port Adventura’s real appeal is its live shows, which rival any theme park presentations in the world.

The best amusement parks in the world each bring their own unique flavor, delighting patrons of all ages. Thankfully, with the expense that often accompanies thrilling trips to theme parks, visitors can save money by renting their own vacation home. offers accommodations in each location of the world's best amusement parks at great value.

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