best wildlife vacationsFamily vacations are a great way to get away from the bustle of everyday life and rediscover what family time is all about. The best family vacations are to destinations that offer fun for the entire family, such as zoos and outdoor adventures. Here is a list of the best wildlife vacations in America to help with your trip planning. Once you have settled on a destination, check out the nearby vacation rentals. Rentals often offer many more amenities than hotels as well as the space needed to accommodate your family. There are a wide variety of available vacation rentals so you are sure to find one that offers the space and privacy you need.

San Diego Zoo – San Diego, California

The San Diego Zoo in California is quite possibly the most popular zoo in America. This zoo hosts over 4000 animals and offers enough activities to fill a day or more. Your children will delight in viewing the exotic animals and learning fun facts about the more than 800 species that live at the zoo. The San Diego Wild Animal Park is also a popular attraction here, making this city one of the best wildlife vacations for your family. This park is home to an array of exotic animals from several continents. Be sure to ride the park’s Wgasa Railway which tours 700 acres of exotic wildlife viewing.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Orlando, Florida

Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando is a dream come true for children. This park spans 500 acres and houses more than 1700 animals, ensuring plenty of wildlife viewing for your family. The Kilimanjaro Safari guides you through this expansive park and offers spectacular views of the 250 wildlife species. The 14 story Tree of Life is also a must see when visiting this park. The tree is a marvel of craftsmanship and is carved with images of over 300 animals. From superb animal viewing to vast educational opportunities, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has earned its way onto the list of best wildlife vacations in America.

best wildlife vacations

Bronx Zoo – New York

The Bronx Zoo in New York is another attraction renowned for providing one of the best wildlife vacations in America. This zoo’s exhibits are truly remarkable and are rich in educational information for your children. Start your tour by checking out the gorillas at the Congo Gorilla Forest and move to the amazing indoor Asian rain forest. Your children will delight in the opportunity to view the daily penguin feeding in the Russell B. Aitken Sea Bird Colony. Be sure to ask a zoo keeper about penguin feeding times to ensure a good spot to view the feeding. Another great activity offered in the Bronx Zoo is the daily monkey training demonstration located in the zoo’s Monkey House.

Columbus Zoo – Columbus, Ohio

The final destination that deserves a spot on the list of best wildlife vacations in America is the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. Not only does this zoo house over 5000 animals, it also includes a golf course that is located south of the zoo. This is especially great if you have a few family members that would like to hit the course during your vacation. They can golf while you spend the day enjoying the vast family fun that the Columbus Zoo has to offer. The zoo hosts several educational shows that are great fun for children. Just a few of these shows include the Animal Quiz Show, Birds of Prey Around the World, and Animal Olympics. Be sure to check with a zoo official on show hours and availability.

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