Costa Rica VacationCosta Rica’s the metaphorical land of milk and honey in Latin America, with beaches that take many a sunbather’s breath away, jungles that are chock-full of wildlife, and dramatic volcanoes that quietly threaten to erupt. The only downside of visiting the country is the cost – once upon a time, Costa Rica was a sleeper hit, but today, the secret’s gotten out about how extraordinary it really is. So, you won’t be a lone tourist (for better or worse) and you won’t have the easiest time finding cheap airfare and lodging. But as any Costa Rica vacation veteran will tell you, it’s worth every penny. Luckily, we’re here to help with cheap Costa Rica lodging.

Welcome to the Jungle

…as Axl Rose so poetically sang. Although Costa Rica’s eastern and western borders are lined with ocean, for tourists, it’s not all about bumming around on the beach. That’s because, despite the country’s relatively small size, there is a ton of geographical diversity on display. From voluptuous volcanoes like the Arenal Volcano to otherworldly (well, seemingly so) rainforests like the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica’s got an outdoor adventure for just about every type of outdoor adventurer. Go for a mountain hike, ride down a tree-lined trail on horseback, or take things up a notch with a zip-line tour of the rainforest. Whether you’re a cycling addict or an adrenaline junkie, you’ll feel at home in Costa Rica.

Pacific Coast or Caribbean? Take Your Pick!

Costa Rica is brimming with pristine beaches – while you may be tempted to take in your surroundings while sunbathing, don’t miss out on snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing, kayaking, and fishing. Playa Tamarindo is the “hip” beach to hang out at, because when the sun sets, the fun begins. If you’re looking for quality time spent with Mother Nature (as opposed to cocktails), head to the beautiful Playa Conchal instead. Surfers on the Caribbean side of things cane take off from Salsa Brava, while those along the Pacific coastline will enjoy Witch’s Rock, a secluded break. For snorkeling, check out the Nicoya peninsula. Why not book your Costa Rica beach rental today?

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It’s a Wild Life

One of the most enchanting parts of a Costa Rica vacation is getting to see amazing creatures up-close. So, whenever you visit, keep a lookout for: squirrel monkeys, jaguars, red-eye tree frogs, American white pelicans, giant anteaters, 1,251 species of butterflies, howler monkeys, humpback whales, and thousands of other incredible animals. Better practice your snapshot-taking abilities now!

River Reveling

Your fun on the water doesn’t stop at the beach. Costa Rica is sliced and diced by several rivers, which are primed for whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Leave Your Heart in San Jose

So, what is there to do for the urbanites? Plenty! The capital city, San Jose, is where vacationers come to party and indulge in Costa Rican culture. So, even if you don’t base your trip in San Jose, it’s definitely worthwhile to drop by on a day trip. We've got many accommodations in and around San Jose.

When to Go

While the climate of Costa Rica is mostly mild, visitors should prep themselves for extreme temperatures – the beaches are hot, hot, and the highlands are pretty cold. In general, the best time to go to Costa Rica is from December to April, when it’s not raining so much. The good news is places like San Jose are balmy throughout the year. If you plan to do some birding or wildlife watching, plan your stay around the creatures you want to see the most! For example, some birds are migratory, while others hang their hat in Costa Rica 365 days out of the year.

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