Port Aransas is a family-friendly fishing vacation destination.

Have you heard about the excellent fishing along the Gulf Coast of Texas but not known where to begin? While there are several places along this coastline that are popular for charters, many travelers choose to fish in Port Aransas.

Deep sea fishing is the specialty here, and whether you’re a beginner or a fishing enthusiast, you will love the thrill of battling with tuna or snapper at the end of your fishing line. For a fun family vacation, Port Aransas fishing should be at the top of your wish list.

Fishing for All Levels

While many serious fishermen choose to fish in Port Aransas, this is also a great place for beginners. As a result of fishing being such a popular activity, you can rest assured that when you hire a fishing charter, you will be in the hands of an expert. Here you can learn about the basics of fishing and, over the course of a trip, develop your skills leaving a much better fisherman than when you arrived. There are many options for keeping things interesting throughout your trip including bay fishing and offshore fishing.

Offshore Fishing Charters

When you think about Port Aransas fishing, the type of excursion that comes to mind might be offshore fishing charters. These deep sea experiences can be the most exciting and are great for all levels of experience. There are several companies in Port Aransas that specialize in offshore charters, but two of the most popular are Captain Ivey’s Charters and South Bay Bait and Charters. Some travelers like to make arrangements for charters before they arrive, while others prefer to have someone to talk to about options and suggestions for best enjoying a fishing trip to Port Aransas.

Bay Fishing

If you don’t want Port Aransas fishing to dominate your trip, bay fishing is a fun possibility. Instead of committing to a deep sea fishing charter that costs a certain amount of money and lasts a certain number of hours, you can ease your way into fishing by giving bay fishing a try. If you’re still uncertain about whether or not to give this activity a shot, try talking to a fishing expert before you even leave home. Two popular bay fishing companies are Crystal Blue Charters and Charlie’s Guide Service. Calling ahead of time and speaking to a fishing expert might help you to choose between bay fishing, offshore fishing, and the variety of other activities on offer in this destination.


The Daily Catch

When you fish in Port Aransas, you will have to make the decision either to keep your catch or to throw it back. Some people who fish just for fun always throw their catch back, while others prefer to bring the fish home and cook it up for dinner. Choosing Port Aransas vacation rentals over hotels will allow you to put the daily catch on the barbecue or prepare it in your favorite style. An alternative would be to bring the fish to a local restaurant that will cook the catch for you. Talk to your fishing charter captain for a suggestion on restaurants that will prepare your own fish. Nothing is quite as fresh as fish you caught on that same day!

Some parents might be wondering how to plan a trip that includes plenty of family quality time. One answer is to plan a fishing excursion where the whole family can learn a new skill and have fun too. When you plan a trip that is free of distractions, you will be able to spend quality time with your kids.

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