top biking vacationsAre you looking for a new twist on a typical outdoors getaway? One popular choice is biking vacations. There are a wide range of options depending on destinations, how challenging you want the biking to be, and whether you want to include other activities as well. Despite how beautiful the scenery is, remember to keep your eyes on the road!

1. Colorado

While some travelers might think of Colorado as more of a winter destination, when all of that snow melts this state is perfect for biking vacations. Rent a cozy mountain cabin and hit the trails during the summer and into autumn. Trails here are appropriate for a variety of fitness levels, whether you want a leisurely ride or are looking to get the adrenaline pumping.

2. California

A biking vacation can take many forms in California. Couples seeking romance will want to plan a bike trip through California wine country, while families might want to explore the mountainous coastline. Here a beach trip could easily be combined with a biking trip. Rent a beachfront property and soon you’ll be cycling by day, and watching the sunset over the ocean by night.

3. Vermont

Biking vacations wouldn’t be complete without picturesque scenery. The autumnal colors of Vermont will take your breath away. Plan a family trip in the fall and you can combine apple picking, exploring a pumpkin patch and biking all in one fun-filled trip. Don’t forget the marshmallows to toast over the fire at your vacation rental!

4. Tennessee

The Great Smoky Mountains are one of the best places in the country for a biking vacation. Pack the car full of board games and bikes for a relaxing trip in this beautiful, unspoiled area of the country. Rustic cabins will feel just like home.

5. Washington State

Biking vacations in Washington State will leave you wondering why you never explored this area of the country before. Bike around Puget Sound for views you won’t soon forget. Make sure to bring along a camera for this biking vacation!

6. Alaska

The great state of Alaska is full of stunning scenery. There’s no better way to see it than from the seat of a bike. Here you can pedal along the coastline, see beautiful wildlife and breathe the fresh air. A private cabin will complete this adventurous trip.

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7. Arizona

Of all biking vacations, cycling around the Grand Canyon might be the winner. Incredible views, fresh air and visiting a top American attraction all in one trip will be very enticing. Join a bike tour or get a map and explore independently.

8. Georgia

Escape the cold winter weather with biking vacations in Georgia. The coast of Tybee Island is a great place for family bike rides. If you’re interested in history and architecture, take your bikes to the city of Savannah, which is very safe for cyclists. Bring a picnic along to enjoy in one of the many parks under a tree with drooping Spanish moss.

9. France

Biking vacations in France have expanded considerably in recent years. As travelers interest in France has expanded beyond Paris into the countryside, bike tours have grown significantly. Plan a biking vacation through the French vineyards or cycle through Provence where entire fields of lavender make the countryside a sheet of purple flowers for miles.

10. Canada

Have you ever wondered what the Rocky Mountains are like during the summer? Plan a biking vacation is a great way to find out. If you love Whistler or Banff for skiing, you will love these destinations even more when the freezing temperatures have receded. Mountain cabins will be the cherry on top of this trip.

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