European Bike TripsEuropean bike trips offer experiences you’ll never forget, and memories that will last a lifetime. When planning your European bike trip, you’ll want to set a course that will start in one place, and take you in a direct route to your final destination, while stopping along several areas along the way. You may want to consider a bike tour of Western Europ and explore these top 10 European bike trips:

1. Algarve, Portugal

Your tour starts with a beautiful ride from the Spanish border past the grand castle of Catro Marin, goes through many groves, travels over the Monchique Mountains, and rides through and a eucalyptus forest. Then ride along one of the most beautiful coastal views throughout Europe. Several bike paths and small roads with little traffic will make the start of your European bike tour safe and easy.

2. Madrid, Spain

Madrid offers several different attractions, such as the Museo Nacional del Prado, the Palacio Real de Madrid, the Plaza Mayor’s “Peter Pan” café, and the Real Jardin Botanico.

3. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is world-known for its famous vineyards. This is a beautiful area for you to ride through as you make your way through France. The city is rich with cultural and historical places. You’ll enjoy the delicate, fruity scents as you make your way through the vineyards.

4. Paris, France

Paris has many beautiful sights, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Seine.  A bike tour of the city will let you see all of its beauties and allow you to stop and look around.  You can stop and eat at any of Paris’s cafes for a delicious meal, snack, or drink.

Biking Trip

5. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels offers wonderful bike tours through beautiful landscapes, as well as delicious culinary and cultural places to visit, including museums and historical buildings.  The terrain here is easy and flat, and there are quiet roads and cycle tracks to help ease your riding during the mid-point of your tour.

6. Munich, Germany

As Heinrich Hein said, “Munich nestles between art and beer like a village between two hills.”  The city has a wonderful mix of old Bavarian tradition and modern life. There are several landmarks, museums, and parks you’ll want to stop and see along the way as you continue your ride through Western Europe.

7. Salzburg, Austria

Your ride from Munich to Salzburg offers many delightful sights as you ride past Bavarian lakes, through ancient villages, and across green pastures, with the wonderful sight of the Bavarian Alps in the background.  As you reach Salzburg, the terrain once again offers comfortable cycling, and the city provides you with Mozart, culture, and a variety of Austrian cuisine.

8. Venice, Italy

Venice offers beautiful views as you ride through the city, like the Piazza San Marco, the Ponte de Rialto, and the Basilica di San Marco. Sample fine Italian cuisine from Venice’s restaurants and take a gondola ride down the Grand Canal.

9. Rome, Italy

Rome offers several famous tourist attractions, including the Colosseum, the Spanish Staircase, and St. Peters Dome. Just outside of the city is the famous wine-growing town of Frascati, another wonderful area for you to take your cycling journey through.

10. Naples, Italy

The ride south from Rome to Naples offers scenic roads through the Alban Mountains before reaching Italy’s flat coast. You’ll then enjoy cycling along miles of Naples’s beaches with a beautiful view of the coast.  You can take a boat ride to the island Ponza and enjoy the picturesque fishing villages.


These European bike trips will provide you with many wonderful sites, cultures, cuisines, and memories.  A tour of Western Europe is a vacation you'll never forget, and seeing it from the view of your bike is even more magical.