top 10 fishing destinationsFor the avid fisherman, hot fishing destinations make the perfect vacation choice. In fact, if you'd like to surprise your favorite angler, book both a great vacation rental and a guided fishing trip for his next birthday present. It will be a trip that he never forgets!

1. Florida

Florida is both a sportsman's paradise and fishing destination heaven. Whether you choose to fish the freshwater lakes, troll the salt flats or take a deep-sea trip for a true trophy fish, it can all be done from your Florida vacation rental.

2. North Carolina

Take your 4-Wheel Drive out to the furthest tip of Hatteras Island during low tide and fish from the shore where the Gulf Stream waters touch the beach. You never know what type of fish might be lurking in the surf.

3. Wyoming and Montana

Visit the famous Yellowstone National Park for a premier trout fishing destination. Your fly rod will get a work-out as you catch your limit in the stocked streams. If stocked waters feels like cheating to your inner sportsman, simply move on over to one of the wild rivers like Slough Creek.

4. Virginia

With the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, brackish tidal waters and a bevy of freshwater lakes, Virginia offers virtually any kind of fishing that anyone could desire.  Take an offshore charter trip to fish for blue marlin on one day, then drive to the mountains to try your hand at trout on the next.  From Virginia Beach to Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia is an angler's paradise.

5. Manitoba

Although the Northern U.S. has plenty of pike, they aren't nearly the size of the monsters that swim north of the border in the waters near Manitoba's fishing destinations. As you pop that fly, remember to respect these big, mean pike. Their teeth are sharp, and their tempers are short.

6. New York

When most people think of fishing destinations, New York might be the furthest place from their minds. However, Montauk Point, a glacial cliff on Long Island, sees more different types of fish swim by than just about any other place on earth. Depending on the time of year, this area sees striped bass, tuna, weakfish, mackerel, cod, and even great white sharks. The best part is that no boat is needed. Simply cast from the shore near the lighthouse.

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7. Newfoundland

Labrador offers a unique fishing destination for the trout fisherman. Few and far between in the U.S., the native brook trout is plentiful in these Canadian waters. For the best fishing, choose a sunny, calm day to land one of these large, northern fish.

8. Missouri

Take a trip into the Ozark Mountains for a fishing destination that includes great smallmouth bass fishing. Whether you fish from the shore or from a canoe, you'll enjoy this heavy-hitting game fish. The lazy waters of the Ozark River will allow you to relax a bit between strikes.

9. Argentina

Many fishermen would never consider fishing for trout in South America, but Patagonia, Argentina provides an excellent fishing destination. Near the cold Andes mountains, the uncrowded trout streams are close to overflowing with fish. Some experts recommend this area as the best trout fishing found anywhere in the world.

10. England

Combine an excellent fishing destination with a sophisticated London vacation. Within an hour's drive of this famous city the trout angler will find the Test and Itchen Rivers. In addition to the trout, you might even catch an Atlantic Salmon in these waters. This river is private, so you'll have to pay a small fee, but it will definitely be worth it!

The world is full of fun-filled fishing destinations. Book yours today!

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