river rafting vacationRiver rafting is one of the most enjoyable water sports to participate in. It is adventuresome, exciting and not for the easily frightened. Many serious river rafting attractions have lots of twists, bumps and turns not to mention intense rapids and a few with steep drops. Beginners are welcome, but be warned that the excitement is pretty intense! There are several attraction places for the river rafter's ultimate experience and enjoyment, but very few will give them an unforgettable one. If the river rafter vacationer is looking for a memorable experience so unforgettable that he'll even want to share it with friends and colleagues, read on to see the top 10 river rafting vacations that will deliver just that.

1. Colorado River

If you're looking for river rafting vacations that require work, then you've found it! You will feel like you have worked, but it's all in fun. This exciting river rafting vacation will have you rafting over 187 miles in a little over 6 days. Talk about intense! Try booking a Utah or Colorado rental for this adventure.

2. Rogue River

The Rogue River is a favorite among river rafter vacationers. It isn’t crowded and it’s protected by authorities to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment. All elements of "spectating" have been removed leaving only room for participants. This means there are almost no traces of habitation and lots of river to explore and enjoy! May Oregon vacation rentals will suit your trip down the Rogue River.

3. Montana

Montana has lots of rivers worth riding, from the Clark Fork River to the Blackfoot River. You can enjoy remote access to Class III and IV rapids that deliver full fun. The spectacular falls at exciting turns will keep you interested and anticipating more.

4. Chattanooga River

River rafting vacations in the Chattanooga River joins several states together for the ultimate experience in intense water enjoyment. It all begins at the Whitesides Mountain in North Carolina. The journey then continues to flow southwesterly towards the border at South Carolina and Georgia. This long stretch of water miles is quite an experience in scenery and participation.

5. Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers

To get the full benefit from this river rafting remote location, be prepared for the eleven day trip that begins at Yukon and flows to the Alsek Rivers of Alaska.

6. Mountain Waters (Durango, CO)

Be prepared for an unforgettable course in Durango. River rafting in Mountain Waters is also known as the "River of Lost Souls." It's very rich in local tradition and history and its beauty is outstanding.

7. Main Payette River

This vacation destination is only one hour from Idaho and has over eight enjoyable miles of river rafting delight. There is much to see on the scenic route and it only takes three hours for a half-day trip through the river's attractions.

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8. The Coruh (Turkey)

The trips on this vacation course will excite you and educate you at the same time. You get to experience the culture of Turkey as you paddle past the Byzantine ad Seljuk Turk castles on your way to Yusufeli George. This is true exposure that you won't soon forget!

9. Snake River

Hell's Canyon is one of the deepest gorges in America. Many have heard of it, but few have experienced it. However, the river rafter vacationer can experience it for himself or herself since Snake River runs right through it! The river forms part of the border between Idaho and Oregon with lots of rafting adventures in between.

10. Green River

Moab, Utah is where Green River is and is known as Desolation Canyon. It is one of the favorites in the top 10 river rafting vacations because of its seriously dramatic drops and beautiful scenery. The river boasts over 60 rapids and there is never a dull moment in this rafting series of twists, turns and falls.

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