rock climbing tripsFor some travelers, relaxing on the beach sounds like the perfect vacation. For others, however, it just doesn't provide enough adventure. If you're an adrenaline junkie, a rock climbing trip is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. So, here goes, Vacation's picks for the Top 10 Rock Climbing Trips:

1. City of Rocks National Reserve in Southern Idaho

What climber wouldn't be interested in taking a rock climbing trip to a place called City of Rocks? Located within a national park, the massive boulder maze creates a wonderland for both hikers and climbers. Some of the individual boulders are over 100 meters tall.

2. Joshua Tree National Park in California

The famous Joshua Tree National Park spreads across 800,000 acres of both the Mojave and the Colorado deserts. Rock climbing trips to Joshua Tree offers both wilderness and non-wilderness climbs in the over 4,500 routes that are rated for a wide range of difficulty levels.

3. Black Canyon in Colorado

Only the experienced climber should venture into the Black Canyon. Rock climbing trips to this area involve maneuvering up and down a steep, narrow gorge. Don't forget to get a wilderness use permit and honor any wildlife management restrictions before tackling the Painted Wall, a 2,225 foot vertical surface.

4. Val David in Quebec

Whether you're a beginner or an expert climber, rock climbing trips to Val David will present challenges at every turn. Over 500 different routes have been listed and rated in this climbing area located within the Dufresne Regional Park.

5. Grimsel in Switzerland

No rock climbing trip to the Alps would be complete without tackling Grimsel. Granite slabs tower at heights of 450 meters and offer breathtaking views of the green mountain lake in the valley below. Grimsel offers mostly friction climbing with massive areas of smooth granite surfaces.

6. Montserrat in Spain

Located just slightly north west of Barcelona, rock climbing trips to Monserrat offer the climber 65 crags and over 350 rock-climbing routes. This mountain chain seems to rise out of nowhere to tower over the otherwise flat landscape.

7. Kalymnos in Greece

With over 1,000 bolted routes, this island rock climbing trip has everything from slabs to stalactite routes for constant variety. To make the most of your time, the Kalymnos rock climbing area is within walking distance of your ocean-front vacation rental. As you cling to the challenging rock formations, you'll enjoy the best possible view of the vivid-blue Mediterranean Sea.

rock climbing trips

8. Rai Leh and Ton Sai in Thailand

These twin locations are considered the best rock climbing trips in Asia, if not in the entire world. The access to the limestone climbing areas is easy, the scenery is beautiful, and there are plenty of ground-level activities for your non-climbing companions. Year-round climbing is possible, but the best weather conditions can be found from November to April.

9. Cederberg in South Africa

Located in the Western Cape area, Cederberg includes five different climbing areas. Rock climbing trips to this area could include a day in the Rocklands, de Pakhuys Boulders, Sanddrif Crag, Truitjieskraal, or Wolfsberg Cracks. With route names like Orange Plasma, Wild West Wall, and Mad Cowboy, you just know that your heart will be pumping every second.

10. Kangaroo Point in Australia

This little-known climbing area, located in the heart of Brisbane, is right by the river. If you make it to the top of the 20 meter wall, this rock climbing trip will reward your hard work with a better view of both the city and the river than can be found anywhere else. Routes are available for every difficulty level from beginner to advanced.

Virtually every country, on every continent, offers the avid climber a multitude of rock climbing challenges combined with beautiful scenery. Book your rock climbing trip today!

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