If you're planning to take a trip on your own, there are many great solo getaways to choose from. Whether you're single or just needing a little bit of alone time, you deserve to pamper yourself with the very best when you travel alone. Since there's no one else to consider, you can make sure that everything meets your needs and desires.

top 10 solo getaways

1. Anguilla

What could be better than a trip to a tropical island when you need to get away? Enjoy seafood dinners for one, solitary walks on secluded beaches and unlimited snorkeling during your solo getaways. Relax and recharge in the crystal-clear Caribbean waters before returning to the real world.

2. Aspen

No one needs a partner to hit the slopes. When you're alone, you can be as daring as your skills allow. Enjoy both the scenery and the express lane for singles at the chairlift when you take advantage of an Aspen solo getaway.

3. China

If you've always wanted to explore the mysteries of the Orient, book a solo getaway to China. Whether you decide to wander around the Forbidden City in Beijing or stand among the Terracotta Warriors, a trip to China is an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

4. Australia

There's nothing more peaceful than diving the waters surrounding the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. When you choose a down-under solo getaway, join up with on of the many diving excursions that take single divers out to the reef. It's a great way to share a common interest with a new friend.

5. Florida

The sunshine state is a golfer's paradise. Choose from one of the many award-winning courses when you shop for solo getaways. Actually, since you won't have anyone to hold you back, pick several courses and golf your heart out.

solo getaway

6. California

Pamper yourself in one of the many spas that call California home. If you choose Santa Monica for your solo getaway destination, visit one of the hippie shops near the many bars and restaurants after you're recharged from a complete spa treatment. All of this is within walking distance of a three-mile-long stretch of beach.

7. Egypt

Have you always dreamed of trekking through the Valley of the Kings and viewing the wonder of the pyramids up close? Egypt can offer this and more as a great solo getaway option. While most people picture deserts when they think of Egypt, this destination also offers sandy beaches. The Red Sea area has some of the best beaches in the world.

8. Spain

As one of the best solo getaways, Spain offers both culture and excitement to the individual traveler. Visit the Toledo Cathedral to gaze at the stunning architecture or spend an afternoon shopping at the Augusto Figueroa in Madrid. For the time of your life, run with the bulls during Pamplona’s annual event.

9. South Africa

Visit Cape Town for an exciting solo getaway. From beautiful beaches to trendy shopping areas, the visitor can easily fill their days without company. If you'd like to venture outside of town, the countryside is home to many world-class vineyards as well as opportunities for shark-cage diving and skydiving.

10. Nevada

Las Vegas is probably the ultimate choice for solo getaways! Because this city never sleeps, you can enjoy 24-hour excitement at the local casinos. The best part is that no one blinks an eye at the single visitor who roams the Strip at any hour of the day or night. So, try your luck at the tables or take in one of the fabulous stage shows that Sin City offers each and every day.

Whether you prefer to travel alone or you're short a companion, enjoy an exciting solo getaway!