Are you looking for your own stretch of sand in Hawaii to call home? Turtle Bay vacations on the island of Oahu will deliver all the Hawaiian pleasures you’re dreaming about. An oceanfront villa will place you steps from the golden sand, five miles of beaches are ideal for sunbathing, and the serene atmosphere of the North Shore will provide the ultimate relaxation. The many tempting villas available on will have you calling Turtle Bay your home away from home in no time!

What to Do in Turtle Bay

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Fun in the Sun

Every Turtle Bay travel guide should begin with the beach; the five-mile stretch of sand along the North Shore of Oahu provides incredible powdery beaches, excellent views of the aquamarine waters, and plenty of entertainment. Whether you want to begin your day with a surfing lesson or a jog along the water’s edge, Turtle Bay will be an ideal destination in Hawaii.

If you’re more of a pool person than an ocean person, don’t worry; Turtle Bay also offers two pools complete with lush, tropical landscaping. There are many places to sunbathe in Turtle Bay from the private deck of your villa to the beach to a cozy poolside chair. If you want to stay active during your trip, popular outdoor entertainment includes snorkeling, horseback riding, boating excursions, and more.

Fun for Adults in Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay vacations are guaranteed to be luxurious. If you’re planning a romantic getaway, there are plenty of activities that are perfect for adults. One of the biggest attractions to this area of the North Shore is the championship golf courses, designed by Fazio and Palmer. Plan a golf lesson early in the morning or watch the sunset during a round of 18.

Active couples will find many more activities including tennis courts, hiking and mountain biking trails, and even helicopter tours. Seeing the island from a different perspective is definitely a worthwhile splurge. From yoga lessons to learning traditional Hawaiian dances, adults won’t experience a dull moment in Turtle Bay. After an active day, the opportunities to relax are limitless.

Family Fun in Turtle Bay

While the luxurious nature of Turtle Bay makes it ideal for adults-only vacations, families will also have a blast along the North Shore of Oahu. There are many ways to get out on the water beyond surfing such as kayaking. If you’re looking for ways to get the adrenaline pumping, look into moped rentals or segway tours.

Many families are curious about the coastline in Turtle Bay and beyond. One of the best ways to explore the beach and tropical forest is with horseback riding. There are many options including trail rides, sunset rides, evening rides, and even private rides that can be tailored to your experience level.

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What to See in Turtle Bay

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History and Landmarks

Some visitors never leave the 880 acres and five miles of beaches of Turtle Bay, but there is also more to discover in this pristine area of the North Shore of Oahu. Here you can experience not only the blissful relaxation that Hawaii is famous for, but you can also learn about native Hawaiians and their history.

History buffs will want to visit Halelwa Town, a small historic village. If you’re interested in the history of surfing, there are many legendary spots along this coastline including Sunset Beach, the Banzai Pipeline, and Waimea Bay. When you visit these spots, expect to see local surfers trying to catch that perfect wave!

Explore the Culture of the North Shore

Beyond surfing, the North Shore of Oahu is also home to other forms of culture. One of the most popular attractions here is the Polynesian Cultural Center, where visitors can see seven traditional villages and even attend an authentic luau. To learn more about the nature and wildlife of Oahu, plan a visit to Kualoa Ranch, where kids can get tips about how to protect nature.

Another of the most popular attractions on the entire island is the Dole Plantation. Over one million visitors a year enjoy the activities and attractions of this working plantation, including the Pineapple Express and a Garden Tour. Waimea Valley is ideal for nature lovers who want to explore paths leading to the historic Walhi Falls.


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Where to Shop and Eat in Turtle Bay

turtle bay shopping

Shopping in Turtle Bay

Every Turtle Bay travel guide should focus on how accessible this area is to the rest of the island. Many visitors love the fact that Turtle Bay offers all the serenity and peace and quiet of a beach destination but is still close to the action of Honolulu and Waikiki Beach. The island of Oahu is home to excellent shopping, whether you’re looking for locally made crafts or designer clothes.

The luxury resort itself also has a few opportunities for shopping. If you forgot a beach essential at home, you will find exactly what you need in the shops of Turtle Bay.

Island Flavors in Turtle Bay

The dining options in Turtle Bay provide a feast for the senses. Everything from your sense of sight to smell to taste will be enthralled by the tropical fruit, dramatic settings, and creativity of local chefs. Without even leaving Turtle Bay visitors have a choice of six places to dine, including both casual and fancier options.

Twenty One Degrees North is the fine dining star of Turtle Bay. Upon arrival, walking past a waterfall will be only the beginning of an elegant evening. The Palm Terrace is the place to enjoy great seafood while Hang Ten is ideal for enjoying cocktails in the sunshine. No matter what mood you’re in, Turtle Bay will have a dining option for you.

When to Visit Turtle Bay

An important component of any Turtle Bay travel guide is the part that tells you when to go. The good news is, there really is no bad time to go to Hawaii. Unlike Florida which experiences a dangerous hurricane season, this isn’t the case in Hawaii. The islands do experience two distinct seasons, the summer which lasts from May through October and the winter that lasts from November through April.

Of these two seasons, the period from November through April is known for experiencing more rain. However, these showers usually come and go very quickly, and some visitors prefer the average daily temperature during this season (79) than the average temperature of 85 during the summer. Another factor to consider is crowds. During the holiday season of December and scheduled breaks from schools, expect more crowds across the islands of Hawaii.

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What to Bring to Turtle Bay

One of the joys of Turtle Bay vacations is a short packing list. Here you will need your beach basics, including a bathing suit, flip flops, sunscreen, and entertainment for the beach. Whether that means magazines, novels, an iPod, or a Frisbee, the list is up to you. A little entertainment for the vacation rental never hurt including a deck of cards, favorite DVDs, or board games. Hawaii in general has a very casual atmosphere, but fine dining restaurants do provide an opportunity to get a little dressed up, so bring along a nicer outfit or two.

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Local Services in Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay has established a reputation as a luxury resort meaning that visitors will experience top-notch services. From restaurants to shopping to convenience stores, Turtle Bay is one step ahead of you and will have what you need. Local services also extends to fun activities such as surfing lessons, boating tours, and helicopter rides. If you can dream of it, it is possible in Turtle Bay!

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What to Know About Turtle Bay

Before committing to any vacation that is as far from home as Hawaii, potential visitors should know a little more about the surrounding area. The North Shore is known for its relaxed vibe. This pristine, unspoiled area of the island will deliver what many would call a "true Hawaiian" experience. While other areas of Oahu, such as Honolulu and Waikiki Beach, are known more for their action and entertainment, Turtle Bay is a place to relax in luxurious surroundings.

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Getting to Turtle Bay

Many travelers choose Oahu because it is very accessible from the mainland U.S. Honolulu is home to a major international airport and it offers connections to a large number of places in the U.S. and beyond. Upon arrival in Oahu, reaching Turtle Bay is a breeze with either a shuttle or a rental car. Many independent travelers choose a rental car because it allows them to explore other areas of the islands at a whim.

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Why Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals?

Savvy travelers don’t venture all the way to Oahu to stay in a cramped hotel room. If you’re going to trek all the way to Hawaii, it is essential to stay somewhere with style. The oceanfront villas and cottages of Turtle Bay will provide just that. If you’re dreaming of a place where the sand is practically on your doorstep, and you can listen to the waves lapping up on the shore, than Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Hawaii is an ideal destination.

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