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If you haven’t stayed in a vacation rental yet, it’s probably due to the myths below. Don’t let these unfortunate vacation rental myths prevent you from taking the most affordable, memorable and luxurious vacation of your lifetime!

Myth #1: Staying in a vacation rental is expensive.

Truth: Not only do vacation rentals boast the most value of all travel lodging out there, but some vacation rentals are just plain cheap! Families and large groups, especially, save hundreds to thousands of dollars by choosing a vacation home over several hotel rooms. The average nightly rate of one small hotel room is comparable to that of a huge, multi-bedroom vacation rental!  If you look at the numbers alone, it’s clear the better deal is with a vacation home rental. Take one step further and look at the value and flexibility each vacation rental promises and this argument gets even easier to make. So, don’t be swayed by hotel packages... you'll save more money with a vacation rental.

Myth #2: Vacation rentals are hard to find.

Truth: Once upon a time, vacation rentals were difficult to track down – at least in comparison to hotels. However, that’s no longer the case. With the help of vast online directories like Vacation, you can sort through thousands upon thousands of accommodations and pick out your favorite with ease.

Myth #3: Vacation rentals are hard to book.

Truth: Again, thanks to the World Wide Web, it’s not only easy to find a vacation rental property, but to book it! Simply inquire about the properties you’re interested in and vacation rental owners will get in touch with you directly! Many payment methods are accepted and you can book a year in advance or with one day's notice, thanks to last-minute vacation rental deals.

Vacation Rental Cleaning Service

Myth #4: Vacation rentals require upkeep.

Truth: Many vacation rental owners offer up cleaning services for no extra charge! Also, vacation rental owners tend to be lenient about how clean they expect you to leave their property. What this means is it’s your choice to do or not do housework. Some people prefer to save a little cash by making their own beds; others would rather leave chores at home on their vacation. Whatever kind of person you are, there’s a vacation rental out there with your name on it.

Myth #5: Vacation rentals don’t have desirable amenities or activities.

Truth: The amenities and activities of a hotel pale in comparison to that of a vacation rental. If you enjoy free extras like a private Jacuzzi, separate bedrooms and bathrooms for each guest, clean linens, cooking utensils, cable, wireless internet… then you’ll enjoy a vacation rental. To get features like these at a hotel, you'll spend big bucks!

As for activities, those offered by vacation rental owners run the gamut. Chill out on your lakeside cabin balcony and then stroll down to your private dock and hop into a complementary canoe for a scenic trip around the lake; rise and shine in your Florida beach rental to gorgeous ocean views and catch the surf without having to catch a cab; or venture outside your cozy Colorado ski in out condo and walk about a hundred feet to a ski lift.

Myth #6: Vacation rentals make dining difficult.

Truth: Even though it's fun and convenient to order room service, doing this will cost you. You can still enjoy quality nights out on the town and order food in at your vacation rental, but you can also cook and prepare meals in your own fully-stocked kitchen. This makes it cheap to eat.

Myth #7:  Vacation rentals are far away from attractions.

Truth: For the most part, where there’s a hotel, there’s a vacation rental and where there’s not a hotel, there’s a vacation rental. From Manhattan apartment rentals to Disney World condos to European villas, vacation rentals are located right next to your very favorite attractions. Pass over resort hotels because you can pretty much always find resort vacation rental deals just as conveniently located! They’re also in obscure, secluded parts of the world where you can’t find a single hotel room!

Vacation Rental Amenities

Myth #8: Vacation rentals aren’t luxurious.

Truth: Vacation rentals are whatever you want them to be… book a down-home Arizona cabin rental or an upscale Miami beach condo; vacation rentals are both rustic and fancy. However, if you consider the space, comfort, amenities, and all-around value of a vacation rental, nearly every one can be labeled luxurious! 

Myth #9: Vacation rentals aren’t safe.

Truth: Hotels give guests peace of mind that all their worries and cares are taken care of… but is this peace of mind warranted? Are you all that protected in a hotel room – with hundreds of neighboring strangers just steps away? Or are you more protected in a private home or condo that’s secluded from others and sports a built-in security system? (Your security system may also be your pet dog... after all, pet-friendly rentals are common!) Keep the family close together and keep tabs on the little ones without juggling several hotel key cards. 

Myth #10: Vacation rentals aren’t well-maintained.

Truth: Remember that a vacation rental is commonly a person’s second home, so you’re not the only one with a vested interest in the quality and upkeep of it. One vacation home is considerably more valuable than one hotel room, so rest assured the owner will share any concerns you have! Many vacation rentals feature on-site maintenance and when they don’t, property owners are typically on hand 24/7 to help you deal with unexpected maintenance issues.

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