Big Bear has emerged as a top "go to" for four-season fun - skiing in the winter, swimming in the summer, and great natural scenery all year long. And as the area becomes more popular, Big Bear vacation deals become harder and harder to find. Enjoying a Big Bear vacation on the cheap is still very doable, however. Here's a handy guide to getting away to Big Bear without your budget getting away from you.

Cheap Big Bear Attractions

Like many nature-centric destinations, Big Bear has a slew of cheap, and even free, attractions to explore. When in doubt, look up Big Bear vacation deals for the particular attraction you're visiting - there may be special discounts available. In the meantime, here are some suggestions for how to make the most of Big Bear without spending much money (if any).

Cheap Big Bear Restaurants

Many Big Bear restaurants have an affordable menu. Some of the best options include:

One of the best parts of booking a Big Bear cabin rental over a hotel is the full kitchen! While you'll want to take advantage of Big Bear's restaurants, some nights you just want to dine in. It's way more affordable that way. Whether you're traveling with your sweetie, or your whole family, it's nice to have a big dining room (or even patio) and a homecooked meal to bond over. And many Big Bear accommodations offer up such fancy, gourmet kitchens, that you may actually enjoy cooking.

Deals on Big Bear Vacation Rentals

Booking through a Big Bear resort or hotel chain is a great way to waste money. Instead, book a private cabin or home when you visit. Not only do Big Bear cabins offer up a lot more value - they tend to be more spacious and offer more amenities than hotels, but cost the same or less to stay in - but they offer up a much more memorable experience. For families and big groups, it's a no brainer to choose a Big Bear vacation rental over a hotel. Why book a string of hotel rooms, limited in size and amenities, when you can book a roomy, luxurious cabin or mountain home - often for less money? You can browse last minute offers, cancellation specials, and great vacation deals on Big Bear lodging on Vacation