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Chicago is a bustling city that is full of industry and business vacation rentals. If you don't need to visit a client's office in Chi-Town, you might be able to justify a trip based around the schedule at one of the city's many convention centers. While you're there, don't forget to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, or, if plants are more your thing, the beautiful gardens at either the Lincoln Park Conservatory or the Garfield Park Conservatory will be pleasing to all five senses. To get the best view of Chicago, take a look from the top of Skydeck Chicago or the Hancock Observatory. This city also offers plenty of choices when it comes to museums, shopping and fine dining.

Los Angeles

If your work takes you to the City of Angels, make sure that you book your business vacation rental near the famous Los Angeles Convention Center, which will also put you close to the heart of the city. For your leisure time, the fun and adventure never have to stop. From the beaches to the movie lots to the Sunset Strip, there will be a lot to pack into this multi-purpose vacation. The kids will enjoy a trip to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park for a ride on the King Kong 360 3D.

Washington, D.C.

Although the Capital City is full of business opportunities, there's plenty of fun to be had in D.C. as well. While you're meeting with your business associates, your family can explore the monuments and the Smithsonian. Everyone should make this trip at least once in their lives just to say they've seen all the sites that are frequently shown on TV and in the movies. As an added benefit, Washington D.C. is only 10 miles square, so, regardless of the location of business vacation rentals, you'll be within minutes of everything. Between meetings, you can always take a break and meet the family for a quick lunch or a walk around the Mall. Also, the nightlife in D.C. is always active. On almost any night you'll find fine dining in addition to live entertainment and professional sporting events.

New Orleans

New Orleans is a popular area for business conventions and user conferences. If you can time your trip with Mardi Gras or any other local tradition, you and your family will be in for special memories. Even if the timing doesn't work out perfectly, New Orleans offers plenty of culture and ambiance for any visitor. Whether your business vacation rental is near Bourbon Street or in a more sedate quarter of the city, you'll enjoy the sites, sounds and cuisine that New Orleans has to offer.

Las Vegas

This city probably hosts more conventions and user conferences than any other U.S. city. When you visit Las Vegas for your next business opportunity, it's up to you whether you go it alone or bring the family. After all, who doesn't want to go to Vegas? No one has to know what you do when you're there alone, but if you bring the family, there won't be a shortage of activities to keep them busy while you're attending to work responsibilities.

Don't let a little work keep you from having fun on your next business trip! Book one of our business vacation rentals today!