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It's a no brainer that Maui makes a great vacation spot. The views, the vibes - it's hard to beat Hawaii. But buying airline tickets and booking a hotel room can be a painful process. It doesn't have to be so bad, though. Here are tips on booking Maui lodging deals so your trip to the Aloha State can be as luxurious and affordable - and thus, relaxing - as possible.

Visit in the Spring or Fall

During the summertime, Maui gets pounded with tourists. While this time of year is popular, it's not the best time to visit. The weather can get a little... tropical, with temperatures in the 90s. The rest of the year is much more inviting, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s! Wintertime can get crowded in Maui due to the holidays, but the spring and fall are a lot quiter. Expect lower crowd levels and lower rates on everything from airfare to lodging.

Air Fair ?

When it comes to shopping for airline tickets, it's best to compare, compare, and compare some more. Chances are every airfare web site is going to give you a different rate. Sometimes booking directly through the airline is best. Also, consider purchasing your tickets on a Tuesday, as that's when some of the best deals are unleashed no the public. Booking a flight with lots of stops along the way can also save you some money.

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Lodging Deals

So you know when you're going, and how you're getting there... but where are you going? Maui vacation rentals offer up a lot more value than hotels. By booking a private vacation home direclty through an owner or property manager, you can save a lot of money without skimping on space, amenities, and views. Consider this: many Maui beach houses offer up more than one bedroom, and amenities like a full kitchen and hot tub, for half the price of a small hotel room with a mini fridge.

Beyond choosing a privately owned Maui beach house over a small hotel room, you can also browse Maui lodging deals on Vacation From last-minute offers to cancellation specials to unique freebies (like a free round of golf, or free beach gear), you'll be surprised at how much money you can save.

Also, if you're not keen on visiting any particular part of Maui, you have a much bigger pool of deals to choose from. Consider Maui lodging deals in Lahaina, Kihei, or Kaanapali!