The beach is fun, relaxing and almost addicting! Beach-goers rarely go on vacation for less than a week to two weeks at a time. To get the most value and enjoyment from a Florida vacation, many people book monthly Florida vacation rentals to stay in.

These are much better than standard hotels because they offer so many more amenities. Short-term stays that you find at hotels cannot compare to the features you get with properties that have monthly Florida vacation rentals. You have the option to stay as long as you would like with the rental property that best fits your vacation preferences.

Florida Fun and Attractions Pique the Interests of Vacationers

In addition to the beach, Florida has so many attractions for the vacationer to enjoy. Amusement parks, water-skiing, deep-sea fishing and natural museums are but a few other tourists attractions. Staying in monthly rentals allow the vacationer to experience them all at their leisure and convenience.

There are no rigid check-out times or extra charges for using basic necessities. Rental properties in Florida start as low as $300 to $500 per week for two bedroom homes and up to $1,700 a month for some of the larger properties. Many of the rental properties overlook beach-side or ocean fronts and are located in quiet areas. The quiet and privacy for vacationers is a big plus.

Monthly Florida vacation rentals are an excellent alternative to hotel accommodations with amenities like private pools, Jacuzzis, patios and balconies on various properties.

The Multiple Benefits of Vacation Rental Properties

There are so many benefits of monthly Florida vacation rentals that the vacationer will love. One benefit is that they save a significant amount of money on food and eating out. This is a great benefit for families who want to save money.

The properties are equipped with well-stocked kitchens that include everything from pots and pans to major appliances. Whether the vacationer stays for one week or one month, they can save money by preparing their own home-cooked meals in the vacation rentals.

There are also rentals with patios and large grills for outdoor cooking. This gives the vacationer more time and money to enjoy other attractions around.

Oceanfront Rentals in Florida

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7  Night Minimum Stay
2 BR, 2 BA, Sleeps 6


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6 - 7  Night Minimum Stay
1 BR, 1 BA, Sleeps 2


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3 - 7  Night Minimum Stay
2 BR, 2 BA, Sleeps 8


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3 - 4  Night Minimum Stay
2 BR, 2 BA, Sleeps 6


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7  Night Minimum Stay
1 BR, 1 BA, Sleeps 6