In a town heaping with big spenders, penny pinchers may feel like fish out of water. But if you rely on a little more than Lady Luck to do Las Vegas on a budget, you’ll save lots of cash. Here’s a guide to getting the most out of your Vegas vacation, while spending the least amount possible. From buffets to Las Vegas rentals, there are lots of savings to be had.Budget Las Vegas

Find the Deals First

Before buying an airline ticket, find a great deal online. Also, search for discount tickets to shows and other miscellaneous coupons before arriving in Vegas. This way, you’re mentally prepared to save from the get go. There are lots of cheap things to do in Las Vegas, so don't miss out on the savings.

All in the Timing

While Vegas is a year-round vacation destination, visiting the city midweek, on a non-holiday, and during any other season but summer will guarantee a cheaper trip – that goes for accommodations and show tickets, too. It's possible to do Vegas on a budget any time of year, but make it easy on yourself if you can.

Ditch the Strip

Unless you plan to gamble or party at the clubs 24/7, the four-mile Las Vegas Strip isn’t the most affordable location to call your home away from home. Plenty of cheap Las Vegas vacation rental homes are located just outside the Strip. Remember, Nevada has a lot to offer, so consider making your trip well-rounded instead of Strip-centric.

Free Fun

There aren't just cheap things to do in Las Vegas, but plenty of full-out freebies, too. Because the casinos and hotels of Vegas want your attention, lots of free shows (and even free drinks) are available inside them. When the card and circus tricks get old, spend a few hours people watching. In addition to free entertainment, you can also find free parking at the casinos.

Dine Cheap

While there’s probably no such thing as a “free lunch” in Vegas, buffets, chain restaurants, and fast food joints offer much cheaper cuisine than the showy, gourmet restaurants of the area. A Las Vegas rental is also great for dining cheap because you can prepare home-cooked meals in your private kitchen. In addition to great amenities, vacation rental owners also offer up tons of awemose Las Vegas vacation deals.
Vegas Slot Machines

Getting Around

Get to know the Las Vegas public transport system and save money on taxi fares. If you rent a car, get a good rate, because chances are gas is wildly more expensive in Vegas than it is in your hometown. Fortunately, the Strip is made for sight-seeing pedestrians, so take advantage of this and spend as much time on foot as possible.

Budget-Conscious Gambling

Before you hit the casinos, know your limits. Come to Vegas with a "gambling budget." Once you run out of your blackjack and slot machine fund, enjoy Vegas' other attractions and entertainment.

Bet on Las Vegas Rentals

Don’t gamble on a hotel room. Instead, go with a much more affordable and luxurious Las Vegas vacation rental home or condo. Visit the city’s world-renowned hotels without spending every last penny staying in them. Stock your kitchen with grocery items and alcohol and you’ll have your own personal bar and restaurant to enjoy before hitting the Strip. Also, remember that you can fit a lot of people under one Las Vegas vacation rental roof! Don’t waste your money on ultra-expensive hotels. With the money you’ll save on a Vegas rental, you can take the casinos by storm, or see one more show than you originally planned. Find great Vegas deals today!

So, you see, you really can do Las Vegas on a budget. For even more money saving tips, read more about Las Vegas Vacation Deals.