venice florida rentals monthlyIf you're planning your yearly migration from the cold, wintery chill of a northern climate, stay in Venice Florida rentals, monthly. No one wants to stay for more than a day or two in a cramped hotel room. When you choose to stay in an actual home, you'll have more than just a place to lay your head at night. Depending on your choice, your new home will include one or more fully-furnished bedrooms in addition to a living room, gourmet kitchen, and more!

Get to Know Your Neighbors in Venice Florida Rentals, Monthly Accommodations

You never know who might be staying in the next room when you book a hotel room. Guests will come and go. Just when you find that you enjoy spending time with someone, they're leaving. When you stay in an actual home, in a real community, this rarely happens. By staying in Venice Florida rentals, monthly, you'll become part of the area and make lifelong friends! As an added bonus, you'll still have your privacy when you need a little alone time. Simply retreat to your private home and it will feel like you have the entire world to yourself!

There's Plenty to do in Venice, Florida

If you're worried about what you'll do in Venice, Florida for a month or longer, put your cares to rest. There is so much to do in this area of the Sunshine State that you'll wonder how you'll pack it all in! If you just hang out near the water, you can easily fill your time. On this portion of the Gulf Coast, the tranquil, turquoise waters border the lovely white-sand beaches, creating a tropical paradise. Unlike the rougher waters of the Pacific, there is little surf and the gentle waters beckon to swimmers. Of course, if you'd prefer to stay dry, you can always soak up the sun while sipping a cool drink from the safety of the shore! If you bring your favorite pup along, don't forget to treat them to the Brohard Paw Park, Venice's dog-friendly beachfront area.

Fishing Opportunities are Abundant in Venice, Florida

You are, after all, staying on the Gulf Coast! The Gulf of Mexico is literally a fisherman's paradise. Whether you prefer to fish from the shore, from a pier, or charter a boat from the Crows Nest Marina for a little deep sea action, you're guaranteed to catch your limit when you stay in Venice Florida rentals, monthly!