Escape the dim and dreary drizzle of winter and bring a little sunshine into your life. You'll shake the winter blues and come back home renewed, refreshed, and full of happy memories! Cold Winter Holiday

The British have been taking winter sun holidays for years, and this trend is beginning to catch on worldwide. Plan your own winter sun vacation and you'll be basking in warm climates when your friends and neighbors are shoveling snow.

Whether you suffer from true seasonal affective disorder or could just use a little pick-me-up of summer fun, a visit to one of these warm locations and a stay in a sun vacation rental can turn your mood around. In the wintertime, especially in colder climates with overcast skies or weather that keeps you indoors, it's common to find yourself sinking into a lack of energy or, worse, depression. Both anecdotal and scientific evidence show that bringing more sunlight into your life can fight the effects of the winter blues. And what better way to catch some sun than by taking a vacation away from your troubles and cares in a cozy sun vacation rental?

Trade Winter for Summer Down Under

New Zealand Winter Sun VAcationFortunately for those of us in the northern hemisphere, our friends down under see the summer sunlight just as we settle down for a long, chilly winter. Locations in Australia and New Zealand are top travel destinations year-round, but their summer's an especially good excuse to come visit. Book a winter sun vacation rental in Australia, or enjoy the stunningly gorgeous landscapes of New Zealand from the comfort of your own rental vacation home.

Caribbean Beaches: the Perfect Escape

Snow and ice seem a world away when you're sunning along the shore of crystal-clear Caribbean waters. In the peak of winter, Caribbean weather is mild and pleasant. It's perfect if you want to visit this beautiful location without dealing with oppressive summer heat and crowds; choose to stay in a sun vacation rental home and you'll have all the privacy you could want, too. You'll Hawaii Winter Sun Vacationsoak up plenty of sun (and vitamin D, a natural mood lifter found in sunlight!) on the beaches of Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, or the US Virgin Islands.

Florida: Summer's Not So Far Away

 If international travel is a little outside your budget, look to a more domestic destination. With its temperate weather and plenty of things to see and do, Florida will keep you just as busy as you want to be, whether you'd like to relax or take advantage of special winter discounts at the state's numerous theme parks. Florida winter rentals in Destin or Fort Meyers put you right by the beach. If you're traveling with kids, a Florida winter vacation home in the Disney area is cheaper, more comfortable, and as convenient as staying in the nearby overpriced hotels.

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