Vacation has wrapped up the best dog-friendly vacation spots and helped you prep for traveling with your pet. Today, we'll take a look into Myrtle Beach's pet-friendly personality. The so-called "Golf Capital of the World" is one of America's very favorite tourist destinations. People come to Myrtle Beach throughout the year to play on the golf course, the beach, and spend time with friends and family in an all-around fun and laidback atmosphere. However, if you're bringing along your dog, be a little more strategic in your vacation planning than normal. The first step is to rent one of our pet-friendly rentals in Myrtle Beach. The next step is to read this short and sweet guide to vacationing with your pet in Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach Pet Policies

With pet-friendly rentals in Myrtle Beach, you'll have lots of room to spread out and enjoy your vacation alongside your beloved pooch. Unlike a hotel -- even a Myrtle Beach pet-friendly one -- the both of you can really cut loose. Don't worry about ridiculous rules or crammed spaces. Fido, Fifi, Buster, Maggie, or whatever you call your dog, can make their way through a spacious Myrtle Beach house rental and run around the backyard, too.

Myrtle Beach Pet Friendly VacationThe owner of the Myrtle Beach pet-friendly rental will provide you with a contract, which should include a pet policy. If you don't understand the pet policy or you can't find it in the contract, ask the owner for more guidance! Come prepared to accommodate yourself and your pet. If necessary, cover furniture with towels and take extra measures to protect the vacation rental from your occasionally clumsy canine (carpet cleaner may come in handy)... that way, you can really live it up, and on those days when you can't take your dog sightseeing, you'll know everything's taken care of back at the vacation rental.

When you bring your dog to a new town and living space, they're liable to get a little stressed. Don't let this take you by surprise! In order to calm your dog down, bring along his or her favorite food and toys! Also, read our 7 Simple Pet Travel Tips before you pack up and leave for Myrtle Beach.

How to Have Fun with Your Dog in Myrtle Beach

The 11-acre Barc Park in Myrtle Beach is the perfect place for you and your dog to play together! Picnic tables and a scenic lake add a nice touch to this great Myrtle Beach dog park. If you prefer the lake over the beach, head to the Myrtle Beach State Park for that cliché (though incredibly fun) frisbee toss. Just make sure to clean up after your pooch when they go to the bathroom.

Important note: All dogs must be leashed on the beach. As well, during high season (May 15 to September 15), dogs are only allowed on the beach between 9 am and 5 pm.

You and your dog will fall in love with Myrtle Beach, so start getting excited about your Myrtle Beach pet-friendly vacation now. With the help of pet-friendly vacation rentals and our pet travel tips, you and your pup will have a blast in South Carolina.

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