Are you looking for the perfect destination where kids, pets, and adults can all enjoy the vacation? California is home to a wide variety of locations and activities for every type of family. There are more types of pet friendly vacations in California than you could dream of including beach getaways, city breaks, a drive through wine country, and more. One thing will be guaranteed on this type of trip: the warm California sunshine will accompany each and every day.

pet friendly vacations in california

The San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country

When most travelers think about California pet friendly vacations, San Francisco might not be the first place to come to mind. However, it is the type of trip to San Francisco that will designate whether bringing a pet is appropriate. Many condos in the city are pet friendly, and if you plan on exploring neighborhoods, taking a stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge or heading out on hikes outside the city, your pet will be a perfect companion.

California wine country is another great option. From Napa to Sonoma and beyond, the drive through wine country is part of the fun. Your pet is sure to enjoy the scenery just as much as you do, and some wineries won’t object to bringing your pet along for a tour or walk through the vineyards. Just be sure to buy a few extra bottles as thanks to the winery for being so accommodating.

The Coast from LA to San Diego

More traditional pet friendly vacations in California take place on the beach. Your pet will be a great companion for sunset strolls, bike rides on the boardwalk, and even going for a swim. All along this coastline, from Malibu to Santa Monica to Laguna Beach, you will find pet friendly, oceanfront rentals where you can enjoy the view and not feel guilty about leaving your pet at home.

Every vacation rental owner will have their own rules about pets. For some owners, while pets are welcome, they will enforce a weight limit or only welcome one pet. From La Jolla to San Diego you will encounter different rules, so be sure to do your research before committing to a rental. With so many to choose from, you are sure to find a perfect match no matter the size of your dog.

california pet friendly vacation

Lake Tahoe

While the beach is a popular place to bring pets, the most popular of all pet friendly vacations in California are those where the whole family can enjoy the great outdoors. Lake Tahoe is the perfect example of this type of trip. Rent a cabin where your family can enjoy the space and privacy to really relax. Days can be spent hiking, mountain biking, fishing, or just sunbathing on the beach.

Places such as Northstar or Squaw Valley are well known as winter ski destinations, but they are also great for the summer season. Instead of being chased indoors by freezing temperatures, you can enjoy the mountain scenery along with a variety of outdoor activities. Don’t miss out on the nightlife and dining options in Lake Tahoe as well. If you’re feeling lucky, there is also a variety of gambling options nearby.

Massive California

Options for pet friendly vacations in California can go on and on. It is possible to bring your pooch along for a family exploration of Yosemite, a relaxing trip to Santa Barbara, or city break in Sacramento. One of the best things about California is that it is very accessible. With multiple airports to choose from, no matter what type of vacation you have in mind, it should be simple to plan. Don’t go through the guilt of leaving your pet at home this vacation, instead bring him to California!