There are some vacations where pet owners can be on the fence about bringing their pooch along for the journey. Other trips are complete no-brainers, as a pet will enhance your family fun and almost all activities welcome your four-legged friend. Pet friendly vacations in Colorado are one of these options where your pet can enjoy all of the outdoor adventure and family activities that will make the trip so memorable. Instead of leaving your pet with family or friends, plan a trip where your pet will fit right in. Your kids will love bringing your dog on family hikes and climbing adventures.

pet friendly vacations in colorado

The Northwest

While many travelers might think of Colorado as primarily a winter destination, this state has just as much to offer (if not more!) in the summer. Bringing your pet along on a ski vacation doesn’t make too much sense, but once that snow melts away, miles of hiking trails are revealed that will be perfect for some quality family time.

In the northwest section of the state, Colorado pet friendly vacations can be planned in Aspen, Beaver Creek, Steamboat Springs, and more. These names might have gained notoriety as being excellent ski destinations, but in general they offer the best of the great outdoors. Pack along your mountain bike, get ready to do some bird watching, and don’t forget a good book to sit on your outdoor deck and take in the spectacular views.

The Southwest

In recent years, Colorado has exploded as a summer destination. This goes beyond the northwest section of the state and into the southwest. Telluride, Colorado is known for its beautiful landscapes, and many travelers prefer the mountains when temperatures aren’t so cold and the snow has melted. Plan a family picnic, explore local ghost towns, or join a horseback riding tour to explore the local landscape.

Telluride is also known as being a sophisticated destination in Colorado. Even if you’re planning pet friendly vacations in Colorado, don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy some of the local fine dining, nightlife, and festivals. From wine festivals to film festivals, there is always a reason beyond the great outdoors to plan a trip to Telluride, Colorado. One factor to consider is that each individual pet owner will have their own rules including the weight limit of a pet or the number of pets. With many options, you will be able to find one that is a perfect fit!

colorado pet friendly vacations

The Front Range

Colorado is full of destinations that offer incredible mountain views and opportunities for outdoor adventure. The Front Range is another area on this list, including the popular vacation destination of Boulder. Here visitors can explore national forests, go hiking, or spend some time fishing. From secluded cabins to easily accessible cottages, vacation rental options are far and wide in Colorado.

The Denver Area

Some people might not automatically think of Denver when planning pet friendly vacations in Colorado, but the Mile High City is actually a great spot for families. This city is known for museums, shopping, dining, and being surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. If you’re looking to balance outdoor adventure and more sophisticated pursuits, Denver might be the perfect compromise.

Always More to See in Colorado

The great state of Colorado will always offer new hiking trails, forests, and mountains to explore. For travelers this means endless options. Finding the perfect vacation rental won’t be difficult with so much sheer choice. From Colorado Springs to the Pikes Peak Area and beyond, Colorado provides a perfect playground for your entire family, including your precious pooch. If you find it difficult to choose a destination, simply come again next year!