Have you often been left wondering whether your pet should come along on vacation? When you choose rentals over hotels, you will never have to leave your pooch at home! Pet friendly vacations in Hawaii are becoming more popular each year, as travelers realize that they no longer need to depend on a kennel in order to travel as far and wide as they please. Hawaii has a great variety of outdoor adventure to offer, so why not bring your pet along? Bringing your pet will be the simple choice, the difficult one will be deciding between the exotic islands.

pet friendly vacations in hawaii

The Big Island

Every traveler will have their own idea of perfect Hawaii pet friendly vacations. Some people will want to spend days sunbathing at the pool of a private villa while others will want to get out and explore. The Big Island offers options for both of these types of travelers — whether you want to climb a volcano, snooze on the beach, or watch the constellations come out at night.

Water sports are another main draw. While your pooch won’t enjoy surf lessons with you, it is possible to bring him along for a hike or sunset bike ride. Be sure to keep your pet on a leash, however, as you are sure to encounter some of Hawaii’s stunning wildlife during your exploration. From brightly colored parrots to other tropical birds, there will most likely be many creatures your pet will want to chase.


The exotic islands of Hawaii have an established reputation as being a great honeymoon destination. Just because the island is known for romance doesn’t mean that pet friendly vacations in Hawaii aren’t a possibility as well. Some condo or villa owners might have small restrictions, such as the number of pets or a weight limit, but otherwise you will be free to bring your pet along hiking, swimming, and exploring secluded beaches.

Bringing your pet along on vacation doesn’t mean they must participate in every activity. Maui for example is known for excellent nightlife and dining, so take a few hours away from your pooch to see the more sophisticated side of the island. A boat tour is another great option, including getting out on the water to see pods of dolphins or migrating whales.

pet friendly vacations in hawaii


One reason travelers hesitate to plan pet friendly vacations in Hawaii is all the water-based activities on offer. If you love scuba diving and snorkeling, it would be a shame to miss the spectacular underwater life on offer in Hawaii because you brought your pet along. On the other hand, there are many activities that your pet can join you for some outdoor adventure.

Oahu is home to some of the most famous destinations in Hawaii including Honolulu, Waikiki Beach, and the North Shore. Known for being family friendly, these shores are all home to condos and villas with multiple bedrooms to accommodate your Hawaiian adventure. Your kids will love the opportunity to board a submarine and head down to the depths of the ocean where you will see reefs, fish, and more.

More to Explore in Hawaii

Each individual pet owner will have to decide if bringing a pet along to Hawaii is right for them. While some families love the idea of the final member of the family joining on hikes and days at the beach, others might be tempted by all the water activities that pets won’t participate in. Smaller islands of Lanai and Molokai can be as ideal for family adventures as some of the more popular islands. Wherever you choose to visit in Hawaii, the turquoise waters and golden beaches will put a smile the face of every family member — possibly even your pet.