20 Thanksgiving Destinations

Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

Traditional or nontraditional? Hot or cold? Cheap or luxurious? Stay close to home or travel far away this Thanksgiving with these 20 great Thanksgiving destinations! Loosen up your belt first, though. No matter where you go, there's a good chance you'll eat yourself silly. 

1. New York City

If Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday and you’re glued to the tube for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade every year, watch the beloved fanfare of impressive floats, marching bands, politicians, and celebrities in person for once. Walk to the parade from your Manhattan condo rental and enjoy the city’s ubiquitous holiday spirit for the duration of your vacation – from ice skating in Rockefeller Center to shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue on Black Friday, Thanksgiving in New York City may not be so overrated after all.

2. Plymouth, Massachusetts

Hop aboard a life-size replica of the Mayflower and eat, sleep, and breathe like a Pilgrim at the Plimoth Plantation, where the 1600s are very much alive and kicking. No Thanksgiving destination is more fitting than its place of origin. Thankfully, we’ve got lots of Plymouth vacation rentals for you to choose from!

3. Phoenix, Arizona

Thanksgiving wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for America’s first inhabitants, the Indians. So, what better way to celebrate the holiday than in Arizona, the proud home of more than a dozen Indian reservations, including the biggest – the Navajo Reservation? Explore the state’s Native American roots with a tour of the Heard Museum and an eye-opening walk down the Apache Trail.

4. San Diego, California

The Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Festival, SeaWorld, and the San Diego Zoo secure San Diego as a great family-friendly destination for Turkey Day. The warm beaches don't hurt either!

5. Denver, Colorado

Many of Colorado’s best resorts – Aspen, Breckenridge, Vail, and Copper Mountain included – open in November, prompting eager vacationers to fly into Denver as soon as they get time off from work. If you love to hit the slopes but don’t love the cold, Thanksgiving’s an ideal time for skiing.

6. Disney World, Orlando

What does Florida’s conspicuous theme park have up its sleeves for Thanksgiving? Extended hours, parades, special turkey-themed meals with Cinderella and other lovable Disney characters, Christmas gift hunting in Downtown Disney, and, of course, thousands of happy kids! Make your family vacation to Disney easy to afford with Disney vacation homes.

7. London, England

It’s a little odd to celebrate the Pilgrims’ first experience in North America by leaving the continent altogether, especially for Britain. But you’ll find great deals on airfare and lodging, as well as unique offerings by local restaurants, which hope to whet the insatiable Thanksgiving appetites of American tourists.

8. Chicago, Illinois

It’s hard for any Thanksgiving parade to beat New York's, but the 74-year-old Chicago Thanksgiving Parade comes close to doing just that, with nearly half a million annual spectators.

Thanksgiving Beach Vacation

9. Aruba, Caribbean

The Caribbean doesn’t scream warm holiday fun, but Aruba’s literal warmth (the isle boasts sublime year-round weather) more than makes up for this. You may want to limit your food intake, though, so you're not self-conscious when catching a tan on a white sand beach.

10. Miami, Florida

If you want sun and tradition, try Miami, where you can experience the North Miami Winternational Thanksgiving Day Parade and pick from hundreds of delectable restaurants serving your favorite Thanksgiving dishes and sides. Whether you seek easy access to South Beach or the Thanksgiving parade, a Miami condo rental will do the trick.

11. St. Augustine, Florida

Many scholars claim the first Thanksgiving celebration wasn’t in Plymouth, but in St. Augustine in 1565. The city’s holiday roots aside, the Atlantic Coast is a sunny, fun-filled place to spend any vacation, let alone Thanksgiving.

12. San Antonio, Texas

On Thanksgiving, feast on a customary dinner at the restaurant of your choice, but make sure to save up enough energy for the next day, so you can feast your eyes on the mesmerizing Holiday River Parade and Lighting Ceremony, held every year on the River Walk.

Thanksgiving Las Vegas Vacation

13. Las Vegas, Nevada

Why Vegas? Why not? Do something unexpected this Thanksgiving and head to the nightclubs and casinos instead of Grandmother’s house. The Sin City’s famously good food is all the better this time of year, so track down a cheap buffet or gourmet restaurant when thoughts of cranberry sauce enter your head.

14. Cancun, Mexico

Give thanks for close proximity to beautiful Mexico and kick back in the Gulf while friends and family members at home shiver at the first signs of winter.

15. Asheville, North Carolina

Fall colors are at their most beautiful in Asheville this time of year, and set against a breathtaking mountain backdrop – well, it doesn’t get much more scenic than that! Find holiday shopping at its cheapest, ski resorts at their freshest, and Thanksgiving Dinner at its most well-made (the Picnics Restaurant and Bake Shop serves it throughout the year on Thursdays). An Asheville vacation rental promises to be just as magnificent as the surrounding mountains.

16. Paris, France

Leave it up to top French chefs to do the cooking for you this holiday; pig out on the traditional Turkey and fixings or go with the local cuisine. Either way, Paris on Thanksgiving is less expensive and less crowded.

17. Banff, Canada

If you’ve always dreamed about vacationing to Switzerland, go with your next best (and closer) option – Banff, the dramatic and lovely site of the world’s second-oldest national park and some of the greatest skiing in North America.

Thanksgiving Hawaii Vacation

18. Honolulu, Hawaii

For a vacation that feels far-flung and exotic, but still sports the spirit of Thanksgiving, travel to Hawaii! Heavenly beachgoer-friendly weather and plenty of opportunity to eat a conventional roast turkey dinner make Honolulu a beautiful bet.

19. Virginia Beach, Virginia

The boardwalk will already be lit up for Christmas and the restaurants will offer up menus that range from traditional to seafood-inspired entrees. Find a Virginia Beach vacation rental big enough for you and your loved ones and you can still reunite and reminisce with family!

20. New Zealand

Get away to one of the most gorgeous countries in the world while all your friends and family are stuck in their comparatively dreary hometowns. Friendly people and a natural geography that would make any outdoor lover jump for joy makes it easy to miss out on the rituals back home.

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