5 Cheap Spring Break Vacations

cheap spring break vacationsWhy wait until the last minute to book your Spring Break getaway, when booking in advance can save you big bucks? If you want to save, the best option is to get a vacation rental that will delight the whole crew, without breaking their collective piggy banks.

So, if you've got cheap Spring Break vacations on the brain, consider staying in a private rental that could very well include beach access, a Jacuzzi, a full service kitchen for the convenience of preparing meals yourself, and of course, great savings!

1. Miami Beach

If you enjoy a slow-paced day and a racy night, and the opportunity to make new friends with hoards of Spring Breakers, Miami Beach, Florida is the perfect fit for your cheap Spring Break vacation.

cheap spring break vacations

2. Clearwater Beach

Another part of Florida that accommodates cheap Spring Break vacations is Clearwater Beach, Florida. Both quaint and modern, this sprawling city features loads of cool attractions, including swim-up bars! Old downtown Clearwater Beach has rows of over-priced hotels that limit the privacy of their guests, but from your vacation rental, you'll feel as laid-back and relaxed as the town itself.

3. Cabo San Lucas

Popular among the Spring Break crowd every year is Cabo San Lucas, Baja California. And why not, with its exotic appeal but closeness to home? People flock to Baja California every year, over-paying thousands of dollars for dirty, over-crowded hotels, or staying in camp grounds that offer no security and no privacy, totally oblivious to the alternative: cheap vacation rentals.

4. US Virgin Islands

For adventurous types who want to travel really far from home for their cheap Spring Break vacations, the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean offers options for every budget. See yourself on the gorgeous speckled islands of the Caribbean, sipping your favorite beverage, knowing that you’ve saved as much as 60% more than the person on the next beach lounge chair.

5. Cancun

Cancun, Yucatan, Spring Break mecca.... now has room for cheap Spring Break vacations, too! This golden oasis of mirth and nightlife, as diverse and fascinating as any Spring Break vacation could possibly be, is available at low rates and with luxurious accommodations. Spend your Cancun days at the MTV filming of Spring Break 2010, and your nights dancing in clubs with friends, all while saving money!

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