5 Eco-Friendly Vacation Destinations

5 Eco Friendly Destinations - Costa Rica Tree Frog

Is a green eco vacation your dream vacation? 

The tourism industry recently hopped aboard the “green” bandwagon. As travelers seek ways to explore the world’s most impressive geography and wildlife without leaving their carbon footprints behind, many travel companies have stepped up to the plate and now offer eco-friendly vacation tours and packages. As for us, we recommend an eco-friendly vacation rental.

If you’ve suffered a crisis of conscience about your vacationing ways and are fed up with resort hotels, waste, and pollution, don’t stop traveling altogether. You don’t have to disrupt the delicate environments you visit – you can help conserve them with eco vacation rentals.

An eco tourism vacation means that travelers like you can enjoy the wonders of nature without negatively impacting the environment. Just as you hope to sustain your vacation for as long as possible, an eco tourism vacation is about sustaining the environment for as long as possible, so future generations of globetrotters can relish it, too. Whether you’re a responsible traveler getting away with your honey, or you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity, there’s an eco lodge with your name on it. Here are five eco-friendly vacation destinations to consider for your next trip.

The Costa Rica Eco Vacation

The biodiversity of Costa Rica is astonishing, especially considering it’s packed into such a small space. With its active volcanoes, exotic wildlife (including jaguars, howler monkeys, and toucans), tropical plants, dramatic beaches, and sweltering rainforests, it’s difficult to resist the striking beauty and colorful variety of Central America. From eco-friendly honeymoons to soul-searching nature hikes, the Costa Rica eco vacation is a popular new trend in today’s travel industry. A Costa Rica eco vacation rental will go hand in hand with your environmentally-friendly getaway.

Take a Galapagos Islands Eco Tour

Charles Darwin explored the Galapagos Islands aboard the Beagle, and to this day, vacationers are rediscovering the endemic wildlife of the famed archipelago. More than 90% of the islands are part of Ecuador’s protected national park system, so you can visit the Galapagos with peace of mind. The view from a cruise boat or under the sea (with snorkel gear) is spectacular, but be careful what you bring along – one of the archipelago’s biggest threats is the introduction of new species, so plant and fruit seeds are prohibited.

Eco-Friendly Alaskan Vacation Rentals

The Alaskan wilderness provides days worth of sightseeing and outdoor adventure. Thanks to the many ecotourism opportunities available, you can vacation to Alaska without leaving a trace behind. Eco-friendly vacation tours typically consist of fishing, river rafting, bear viewing, whale and eagle watching, and soothing to vigorous hiking trips.

Belize Eco Lodges

Immerse yourself in Belizean culture with an eco lodge! Mayan ruins, tropical rainforests, amazing wildlife, and friendly locals contribute to Belize’s charm; and since so many green options of travel exist, you can help preserve this charm for future generations.

Don't Forget About Botswana

Botswana Eco VacationBotswana is one of Africa’s safest and most progressive places to visit, making a Botswana eco vacation a popular pick. With nearly half its wildlife protected by the government, a safari is definitely in order. The grasslands and savannahs of the Kalahari Desert are home to wildlife and wildlife alone, so a Botswana eco vacation is an outstanding chance to truly “rough” it and get back to nature’s basics.

One of the best ways to go against the grain and go green is to stay in an eco-friendly vacation rental!

Take a look at your options for an eco lodge. A Costa Rica vacation rental, Belize vacation rental property, as well as our many Alaska vacation rental homes, await green travelers from all over.